Monday, July 14, 2014

O.K. Birds; It's All You

I woke up this morning; It was Sunday; but of that, I wasn't even sure.
I had woken up several times.
Once, at 1:08, I awoke and realized that I could make my exodus from under the dock, as the boat was gone and was due to return right at that moment; but yet hadn't.
I dozed off.
Above my head was everything except cigarettes on the girders.
I have been racked by a dry cough, which one little puff on a cigarette will set into motion; and have really not been smoking much. I have to quit, sooner or later; I am not going to just die at 87 years old because of "smoking related" stuff.
I went out.
I was procrastinating in playing at the Lilly Spot.
I ran into Lilly on Royal Street, as I was headed towards Uniques, to get the first drink of the day; on my my to get the daily sack of weed. "Where are you going?," she asked, seeing that my direction was away from her stoop.

"To that store?," she added, answering her own question, as I was going to Uniques.
She calls me "my love," and does so loudly in front of all the skeezers on the steps of the Supreme Court building; and, this afternoon, actually said "If you have any problems from any of these cops, or these State cops, just call me..."
She said it as people from the Supreme Court building, in their suits were walking past cops who had emerged from the station on the other block.
I must say that, on Thursday night, there was a small procession of cops that rode past and didn't bother me. They might have even waved, but I hadn't had my glasses on and wasn't sure.

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alex carter said...

That daily sack of weed will definitely cause coughing. In fact out here some people call weed "chronic" or "the chronic" as in, chronic coughing lol. From the same people who think "sour diesel" is a great "brand name" for a particular type of weed.