Monday, July 21, 2014

The Bird Strikes Again

9 Dollar Saturday
This Is Going To Be My Revolution 9
I woke up and it was about 7 in the evening.
I wasn't sure if it was 7 in the morning or not, because the light level would be about the same.
I had been up late and didn't get under the dock until daybreak.
It was not a great day money-wise; but  I found a way to fix the guitar by winding the thing totally backwards.
22 Dollar Friday
Friday night, I had sat out there with the broken guitar and endeavored to play the thing in that condition.
One young guy came by and produced a dollar and then; seemed embarrassed over the fact that he didn't know where to put it.
I had not set up the sharks or the case or the spotlight; or any of the trappings of a guy trying to make money playing music.
I had a broken guitar.
I explained to him; who was an Asian kid of about 18 that I wasn't even sure if I wanted to play or not, given that my guitar was broken.
He wound up giving me 20 more dollars to go with the first 2 that he had given me; after we had a conversation.
43 Dollar Sunday
Sunday was weird.
It started out with me running into a group that was in town to do missionary work. They were on Bourbon Street.
They asked me if it would be alright if they prayed over me.
I mentioned that I could pray over them; citing the fact that; as they were coming to pray over people then people might get the impression that they had all the answers and all the blessings and were walking around with halos around their heads; bringing prayer to all; and as a result nobody was going to pray for them....
I mean, how many people pray for Jesus...what would the prayer be; that he come to know himself?
They were holding bibles.
They asked me the usual questions.
I told them that I had a great relationship with Jesus and that Jesus had even "told" me to go ahead and read the Koran and the Bagavad Gita -pretty good reads; and a lot of valuable information in them, he said.
Well, that opened the floodgates for them to try to argue with me about salvation.
That morning, I had achieved a great tranquility by just staring at the rising suns reflection off the river and letting my mind go to the point which transcended thought itself.
There was wisdom there which was not of this world.
But then, these bible holders; well one of them actually said to me something which I paraphrase as:
It seems like you once came to know the Lord, but....what happened?
What happened????
"Why are you presuming that something happened?"
"Because I have holes in my pants; I must not be walking in the Way of the Lord?"
"Because I am holding this can of beer and on my way to play my guitar on the street, then you are gong to make the leap and assume that something has gone terribly wrong and I have fallen away from the Lord?"
I told them that I was going to pray for them to be less pretentious, and then walked away.
But I never shook it.
I broke another string; at a strange time; when I was singing some made-up lyric relating to the bible toters; and I struggled on.
I made no money and eventually sang "What a Goddam Waste of Time," in the key of E.
Well, a guy came along and sat next to me. He was from Europe.
He invited me to get a beer at a bar and we went off to do so.
He gave me 20 bucks after we parted ways because he wanted to go into a strip club and I totally did not want to because everything about me, down to my smelly, dirty clothes and my attitude said; "I am not the money bag that you girls wait to pounce upon like fleas with big tits."
Then, I walked up Canal Street, stopping to pick an ashtray and then being recruited to join a conversation between a young man an lady; to help illustrate a point which the guy was trying to make and which he thought I was the perfect person to help illustrate.
They gave me 20 dollars after we had had a pleasant conversation.
So, it will be Monday morning and I will wake up with almost 50 bucks after a night when I could hardly bring myself to play music after an encounter with evangelists who ruffled my feathers.
Enjoy the song at the top. It is in its infancy; but I love the kind of stuff that I intend it to be eventually.

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