Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Dog A Day

I have owned 2 dogs in my entire life. Both of them in the past 4 days.
Yes, after returning the Shetland Sheepdog to Jason at Sydneys, via Kermit and "Dirty," et al.
I was at this Starbucks where there was a dog tied up in front of the place; and I soon learned that the dog had been tied up there for a while and that an inquiry had been made of all the patrons at Starbucks and that had come up empty as far as establishing who the owner of the dog was. ...Hey, has anyone been in here sipping coffee for the past 3 hours while your little dog wilts in the heat? The inquisition had then been extended to an encompassing of "the whole block" after which the dog was designated "abandoned," and I stepped in and left a note at the spot where the dog had been abandoned, which had my number and a short "Text me about the dog." upon it.
The Dog

Without further ado, here is the dog (above) which is the second dog which I have ever owned in my life; and which replaces the Shetland Sheepdog, which turned out to be "an excellent adoption prospect" of a dog. So much so that the place waived the 25 dollar fee which most have to pay in order to turn a dog in to the place; for Jason, who turned the dog in.
I don't know if I will keep this dog either. I am leaning towards trying to get Jason to turn it in to wherever he turned the other one in.
I have already "made" about 30 bucks off of people handing me money for the dog.
It is a "Jack Russell" Terrier.
It chases mules, cars, motorcycles and, basically anything larger than itself.
It digs a hole in the ground to lie down in at the sign spot; often covering me in dirt in the process.
It pulls vigorously on the leash in order to rush to a tree which it will sniff and then urinate upon.
It is a picky eater.
It barks very loudly at times like this when I come into Starbucks just to do a blog post. I can hear it now; and the doors are closed and have quarter inch glass in them.....



alex carter said...

If you can find the right dog, you can get paid, as you've found, just for having a dog. Get one young enough to teach some tricks, etc. Train the dog to take money people hold out and drop it into your hat etc. Be King Of The Dog Skeezers!

Daniel McKenna said...

Yeah, well, in dog years this one is a bratty obnoxious teen-ager who thinks the world revolves around him; but I "do" close to 20 extra dollars each night just for having the thing; and the thing is about a 20 dollar and 75 cent pain in the ass and so, I am just slowly losing on the deal..see todays post if I get to it

alex carter said...

You're likely to get "second rate" dogs, behaviorally speaking. The ones who are really well behaved, can learn tricks, etc and really put money into their skeezers' pockets are likely to get held onto.

But, the 2nd-raters being given to you are at least letting you get a taste of the dog-skeezer life, and as you can see, it pays pretty well even if your dog snaps at some people, poops in really bad places to poop, etc.

An extra $20 a day is an extra $600 a month and that's enough to rent a room in a place with a yard. Just sayin'.