Thursday, August 14, 2014

Connections To Pets

Dog Days
The dog has been such a chore to keep that I have fallen off on almost every other area of my life.
I would like to write a lot more right now, but poor Shamu is out there waiting for me in the heat.
Last night Lilly came out to complain that she could hear Shamu barking "all the way to the back of the yard."
I am handed money by people who tell me that they are glad that I am taking care of the dog. Yes, sleeping n the same hole in the ground; pissing in the same bush; how many dog owners can boast such a connection to their pets???


alex carter said...

Being a dog skeezer is kind of like being in the Cavelry I guess, where you have to take time to care for your horse.

Same deal, but you can't ride the dog and its poops are smaller.

Get a good pup and teach it some tricks and cutesy things to do, and cash in!

Daniel McKenna said...

The dog skeezing is like a program which runs in the background; you live your life and have the dog with you and it's kind of like having a certain amount of money invested which pays dividends; let my make my post about it....