Thursday, August 28, 2014

My Dinner With Leslie

Leslie showed up at the library; just before it closed.
He had very short hair; almost a crew cut; which he said that he had cut himself.
This was in response to my

remarking upon it with my first utterance/greeting toward him; after he had greeted me in what I am starting to believe is his customary manner; in essence, a fancy kind of hand communication somewhere between a low 5 and a fist pump and a regular shake.
I think he uses this to give himself the ultimate in flexibility in responding to what he reads is the other persons preferred mode of handshake.
I was trying to establish that, perhaps his radically alterred appearance was a harbinger of a radically altered disposition in he; and that we might thus proceed as if he was no longer the Leslie of old.
We walked towards The Head where, after balking a bit at the sight of Leslie and his crew cut; the dealers there sold me a 5 dollar sack, which had been financed by Leslie.
Leslie informed me that there was to be a Saints game at the Super Dome that very night.
I was darned; I did not know that.
We stopped at the sign spot and burned a joint; after which I was aware of a certain reticence in Leslie toward doing anything but sitting there and bestowing glowing encomiums upon the earth and all its inhabitants.
I knew that to get to the stadium in time to play music to the influx; we would have to hurry.
Leslie had offered to buy beer.
We got beer and headed towards the stadium with Leslie seeming to become slower and more confused as we marched in that direction.
We finally got there and I found a spot and began to play while Leslie lingered nearby.
It just wasn't happening money-wise; and now I sit at the huge Rouses Market and watch the Saints game out of the corner of one eye and the Patriots game out of the other; and look forward to getting back by the stadium and making at least something.
Leslie reached the all-too-familiar-to-me point of just wanting to go home and sleep; and I tactfully steered him towards the bus which would help him geographically to further that design; and now I am on my own; but he smoked me up and gave me beer...

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Alex said...

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