Monday, September 1, 2014

  • Southern Decadence
  • Dorise Buys Me A Veggie Burger

This is like; Monday.
I played Saturday night and was able to make about 38 bucks.
I played last night and I don't remember how much I made or how I got under the dock; where I woke up.
It is the Southern Decadence Festival; and the gays are not a tipping group in general; but they actually can be provoked to tip.
I had not been making much money at all Saturday night. I had 3 dollars and change between my sharks.
I got pissed off and drunk and started to sing "Yeah, I can live on 3 dollars and change every day; don't worry about me...."
And I actually had a good chunk of change thrown to me by a bunch of guys who probably hadn't even considered that I was there trying to make a living; before

"Hey, I would tip you if I had any money on me; but, as you can see; I don't have any pockets..."
I sang that.

Saturday night, I decided to play on Royal Street and I did.
I was surprised, at one point, to look up and see that 
Dorise (Tanya and Dorise) was, and had been listening to me play.
She threw 5 bucks in my case; and then invited me to partake in what would turn out to be a veggie burger at the first place which we found that served them.


Anonymous said...

There must be some scientific name for someone who's (a) butt-ugly but (b) likes to take pictures of themselves. Today's display of your ugly phiz cracks me up because you actually look like a butt-ugly version of my older sister! You've got the hair almost like hers, she at least used to wear a shirt that looks like that one, and she wears glasses. It's pretty hilarious.

Daniel McKenna said...

@Anonymous; I'm thinking that you are having unhealthy feelings about your older sister....

Did she ever pick on you?