Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Dog Gone Dog Done Gone

I gave Shamoo a bit of freedom last night by letting him off his leash as I sat on this laptop which was plugged into an outside outlet.
The thing took off and I haven't seen it.
This is a mixed blessing.
Sure, a lady had handed me 20 dollars, telling me that she had seen me earlier with the dog in front of Rouses Market and that the money was intended to improve our mutual existence.
I think she observed the dog and I for a while covertly and then, seeing the rapport between us as we licked each others faces and shared the same chicken; became assured that we deserved the 20 dollars.
I was handed a total of 32 dollars just on Monday; all in relation to the dog.
So, why did I not have its precious ass tethered to the nearest tree, as I sat for a couple hours on this computer?
Probably because I really did feel for the dog and wanted to give it some room to roam. It HAD come back the previous time that I did so.
And probably because I am just not a dog skeezer at heart; and my blog and my music and a lot of other things were taking a back seat to caring for the pet.
Travelers Aid?
Thoughts about traveling had to have factored in the presence of the dog.
Of course there would be people who could give a guy and his dog a lift to the next city in his extended cab pickup.
More than one person had told me: "If you don't think you can take care of the dog, then give it to someone who can.." and that was the decision that I was teetering upon making when Shamoo made it for me by running towards the Central Banking District and never being seen again.
A dog like that without a collar is free pickin's in the eyes of a dog napper.
The Bionic Dog
I had erred by asking "600 dollars" for the dog after one of cashiers at The Unique Boutique asked me "How much you want for that puppy?"
"This is a thoroughbred which can be used to breed puppies which can be sold for hundreds of dollars," I had told him.
From that point on; I began walking a "600 dollar dog" around the quarter; and so it was probably just a matter of time before the thing disappeared from some lamp post.
I probably should have tried to unload it for 100 bucks instead of letting it run off.

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alex carter said...

One thing I've seen done is people using a small, cute animal that can be taken into restaurants etc like a rat, or one local busker always has a rabbit, a white one that's completely docile and just nibbles on an ever-decreasing fluff of alfalfa hay as he plays his 30-second riffs with his sign saying PLEASE PAY ME FOR MY MUSIC.

Another perhaps hilarious thing would be to make a fake, like a cute statue of a dog, or even a sort of puppet dog. People go for the weirdest things.