Thursday, September 4, 2014

I Would Need To Make 100 Dollars A Night...

Recommended By Jay
Wednesday: Too sedated to do anything but sit on Lillys stoop and entertain the idea of taking my guitar out when groups of tourists meandered by; but then reconsidering after seeing minutes elapse with no more in sight.
Some good weed and a lot of alcohol had me acting like those Mexicans whom I sometimes see who will just stand in a spot with a grin on their face and a can of beer in their hand; just standing there smiling.
A forgettable night, Wednesday...
Woke up with less than 5 bucks, this (Thursday) morning, after having found a 20 and a 1 dollar bill inside my guitar when I was replacing 2 broken strings on Tuesday night, making me realize that I had made about 40 on Sunday when I broke the 2 strings but continued to play and invent music for the 4 stringed guitar.
The Guy With The Really Loud Voice was doing pretty well on Royal Street last night; pushing his baritone vocals through a microphone and a Roland Street Cube amp. "I'm telling you; you'll make at least 100 bucks out here every night if you get an amp; I don't know why you don't," said Jay.
"Because then, I would need a place to stay where I could lock the door behind myself and my Roland Street cube, along with a little pull-cart to tote around the Roland Street Cube, and a microphone of a quality which would make it half as expensive as the amp...and cables, and batteries...I would need to make 100 dollars a night!," I countered. 

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