Saturday, September 6, 2014

Leslie On Friday

Leslie texted me Friday afternoon, at about 3 p.m., and after I had attained about 8 hours of sleep.
It was the usual.
He wanted to get a sack of weed and then hang out together.
When he got to me, he had advanced to a certain point in his drinking cycle; whereby he was full of energy and quite animated; and very excited about getting some weed.
We accomplished that, after having stopped at Brothers Market, where I bought my first beer of the day; and where Leslie bought 2 Hurricane Lagers; the ones which would propel him into the next stage of his cycle; noticeable by the derision which he will heap upon women which he encounters on the street.
"She's hooking!" is  typical comment which would be spawned by seeing a young woman wearing certain types of clothing, followed by a graphic description of just what her "hooking" surely entails, in his opinion; in detail.
This is the early warning sign to ditch Leslie.
The second sign is (after the next Hurricane) when he will actually offer a separation from him by saying something like: "Well, we can break off after we get to Bourbon Street, if you have things you want to do..."
This is the opportunity which must be pounced upon, and I did just that, after telling him that I had enjoyed hanging out with him, shaking his hand and strolling off in a different direction as he.
The next stage would have him making a beeline to his apartment, so that he can pass out there; and viewing everyone in the way as malicious hindrances, deserving of being cussed out.
He was in this phase once, after I had first met him; when he was announcing loudly that he was ready to vomit; in order to clear a path for him through the swarms of people on Bourbon Street.

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