Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Great Community Service

A Hug And Kiss From Out Of The Blue
I went out after having spent the night at the dock spot for the first time in a couple weeks.
I decided not to sleep at the sign spot, despite the fact that I have been slowly been becoming acquainted with the people from the apartments across the street from it, and who seem to have room in their hearts for one homeless guy (up to 150 pounds) to be sleeping in the stand of trees across the street from them.
They, of course, are the dog owners.
They come carefully across Basin Street with their leashed dogs in the mornings, on a "business" trip, if you will, and, the short time that I had the Jack Russell Terrier, I drew a lot of their sympathies and some gifts of doggie treats.
Now there are two (2) white cats that have been coming closer to me by degrees, and I was told by one dog walker that the cats lay upon my sleeping spot during the day, prompting him to ask: "Have you been taking care of those cats?"
To Mix Things Up
I slept at the dock spot just to mix things up and to be unpredictable and to retrieve anything which might be there, like some heavier clothing (as we have seen the temperature drop below 60 degrees for the first time since May recently) and to thwart any attempt by the black girl who pushes a bike and who ripped me off and then struck me in the face Wednesday night to pursue and further designs in bringing about my destruction.
I figure that, after she cools off, she will turn her attention towards apologizing to me, perhaps offering me some free new clothes; after coming to her senses and realizing that I make about 15 bucks an hour playing music; and that that would provide her most direct route towards worming her way back into my favor, paving the way for more and grander rip offs in the future.
The shortest distance between two points being to worm in a straight line; she will probably come and apologize to me as soon as she thinks that I have more than replaced the 25 dollars that she beat me for, so that I have gotten over the whole episode and am ripe for the picking again.
But, I spent a night under the dock.
I came out in the morning and went to the Unique store for my first beer, and was consuming it on the corner of Iberville and Royal when, up walked Blue, who kissed me on both sides of my neck, perhaps trying to give me bruises, the way she sucked upon my skin.
I hadn't seen Blue in about 2 years. She is the last girl that I have had sex with.
She said then, that she used to be a stripper.
She said yesterday that she is once again a stripper.
Sue, The Colombian Lady was in my life at the time of our first encounter, and I remember blogging a title something like: "Will Sue see red because I am seeing Blue?"
Then, I heard a voice call from across the street, and it turned out to belong to none other than Tanya Huang, who was on her bicycle, with a hood pulled over her head and dark glasses on and was apparently just out for a ride (but still traveling incognito because of her fame and the fame of her big baskets full of money). She hesitated a few seconds as if giving me the option of running across the street to chat. She was all smiles.
Then, before coming here to Starbucks to blog, I walked down the sidewalk a ways to snipe some tobacco and from out of the AT&T store came none other than Dorise Blackmon, who greeted me.
"I just saw your hoodied partner," said I.
"Yeah, I ran into her by accident myself," said Dorise.
I hung out and "helped" her get a new phone of some kind.
The screen on her old one was so bubbled up that she had missed a few chord changes which she had been reading off of it, using a "fakebook" application which allows her and Tanya to potentially play "anything."
Dorise shook my hand as I walked off to be approached by yet another young lady whom I didn't quite recognize who greeted me like we were old friends.
More On The Previous Night
All I could think about was how I was slapped in the face, the previous night, by the girl who pushes the bike, who had ripped me off, and who the police had carted off.
The Police Carted Her Off?!?
Yes, she called them on me after she had slapped me in the Unique store and then had enlisted the services of some goon who turned out to be a good friend of the guy I was hanging out with and who consequently refused to provoke me up based upon that relationship.
I was drunk then, and pulled my knife out of my backpack to place it in my pocket; ostensibly to have it handy should the situation "escalate."

The police soon showed up and asked me to stand up.
One officer handcuffed me, telling me "You're being detained; you're not under arrest."
My buddy kept playing his water jug, nonplussed.
They searched my pack, seeing mostly food from Rouses Market, then patted me down, removing the knife (which also has a spoon and a fork attached) from my pocket.
"Is this the shiny object?" he asked the girl, who had by then been told to sit on the curb.
She had been told to sit on the curb because she was being detained also, after a second officer arrived with the news from the staff of Uniques that she had "smacked" me in their store minutes earlier.
My cuffs were removed, my knife/spoon/fork returned and I resumed jamming with the water jug drummer and his friend (the goon who defected) as if nothing had occurred.
"He (the cop) is going to look at you and see what you have; and then look at her and see what she has; and then make a judgement...and there she goes," said the water jug player as the cruiser pulled off into the night with the bike pushing hustler in the back seat.

And so, the next day (today) I was greeted fervently by no less than 4 people; one of them kissing me passionately on the neck; and I felt like I must have done some great community service the night before.

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alex carter said...

Pants Girl seems to be just plain crazy, I'd avoid her even if she does offer to sell you more pants, you can always get pants somewhere else.

It's amazing how everyone seems to know that you were wronged and are showing you some love.

I've just gotten a real trumpet, not a cornet, and wow the difference. Like going from a 'blah' guitar to one with a lot more expressiveness. I gotta work on those Xmas carols because the season is coming up.