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More On The Lady Who Pushes A Bike

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I must give a shout out to my readers in France, who have out-read my contemporaries, here on this side of the Atlantic.
 "Pants Girl seems to be just plain crazy, I'd avoid her even if she does offer to sell you more pants, you can always get pants somewhere else.

It's amazing how everyone seems to know that you were wronged and are showing you some love." -Alex In California
I, myself am baffled by the apparent "outpouring" of love and, almost respect, which may just be randomly coincident with my brush with the young black lady, who pushes a bike, and who slapped me.
I really think that she had perhaps perpetrated a fraud that she was a woman of moral rectitude; and people were at a loss to find fault with her, all the while, in the back of their minds, suspecting her, but her being so sly and slick and clever that she was always one step ahead of them.
For example; the way the she "ripped me off:"
She kept asking me for more and more money, all the while promising things which she may very well have been capable of delivering.
I was in a situation that I decided to bail out of, after cutting my losses.
I envisioned arriving at her house (where I was always welcome at, because I seemed like a nice guy) where would be another person; perhaps a large black man.

Some drama would ensue; the large black man accusing the lady that pushed a bike around of having stolen from him. He would then make like he was intent upon doing bodily harm to the lady, whereupon, she would cry out to me: "He's ready to kill me over 75 stinking dollars! Give him your guitar, and he can pawn it and get his money, and I swear to God (and have money in my bible) that I'll buy you another guitar tomorrow....He's going to kill me, Daniel!!!"
That is a just a rough sketch of what I envisioned awaited me at her place in the projects....
So, I had just let her have the 25 dollars and I walked off.
But, I told the story to whomever was concerned; and it got around.
The Bag Of Change

The Unique Grocery Store "Where Everyone Knows Your Name"

In the Unique Grocery Store, in the area behind the counters where the 3 Ethiopian cashiers work, on the floor sits a huge plastic bag full of change.
It is not made of ordinary plastic, but rather of a very thick industrial grade kind which very heavy objects like automotive parts may very well be shipped in.
I estimate the bag to weigh about 85 pounds, from looking at it.
It sits there and the plastic is transparent, so everyone who enters the store can see that there is probably 500 dollars worth of change sitting there.
Well, on the particular morning that I ran into the lady who pushes the bike who ripped me off, when she was standing in front of the store with me, Sam came out of the store and accosted her.
I heard the words "my money," out of what he said.
"They told me to do that, go ask them!" said the lady.
Well, it seemed that the subject of the huge bag (about the size of a bag of potatoes) had come up and, teasing her, one of the cashiers had said to the lady: "If you can pick that bag up and carry it off, then you can have it!"
She couldn't pick the bag up and neither could Sam understand why she was trying to do so, from his vantage point at the back of the store, and hence he accosted her.
My Take On The Situation
My take on the situation was that she was someone whom they were trying to catch in some wrong-doing, yet had not yet; much to their vexation.
You Try To Steal My Money?!?
After I had related my story of being conned out of money by her (not by theft, but by breach of contract) that seemed to give them some satisfaction; and after she slapped me, whereupon I retaliated no more than to have made a joke; that seemed to confirm some of their suspicions about the true nature of the lady, to their further satisfaction.
After all, this is a lady who has 30 (or 50, depending upon what the circumstances want) dollars in her bible. At her house.
More on The Young Black Lady Who Pushes A Bike And Who Has Sold Me Clothing Before:
TYBLWPABAWHSMCB, as I  will abbreviate her, Is about 5 feet tall and weighs no more than 120 pounds.

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