Monday, September 22, 2014

Yellow Headed Man

With his own theme song...
ID Tuesday
Tomorrow, if I am at the Rebuild Center early enough, I might get to ride on the van driven by "Bebe," the officer from the homeless task force, or whatever they are called.
Bebe might have to give me an updated "proof of homelessness" paper, as mine is more than a year old. It has been that long since my "pursuit" of a Unity house began.
I am thinking of giving the hat, which has served proudly atop my head for more than a year now, a rest....
And, becoming "Yellow Headed Man" and the decision is tearing me up and churning my stomach and I feel like a man at the edge of a cliff holding a hang glider and all I have to do is take that plunge and, in this case, become Yellow Headed Man (coming into your town; spreading love and music).
The Girl Who Pushes The Bike Who Conned Me And Then Slapped Me, walked past me late last night, around the the corner from The Unique Grocery Store, pushing her bike and she said "You dirty bitch; get a house!" to me.
I had just urinated French Quarter style into one of the culverts which empties into the river.

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