Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Plagues And Famine

I was up at 7 a.m. this morning, still tired.
Southern Flannel Moths In Season
You can keep that quarter...
I slugged down some orange juice; while warily looking about the immediate area for southern flannel moths.
They seem to be hatching out of their cocoons and falling to the ground now that the nights are cool enough to preserve orange juice; and the days hot.
I have seen about 5 in the past week; two of them on my clothing; and one which "bit" me on the left ear.
Luckily the poison didn't seem to spread from that organ; but I still have swelling around it; a day later.
There was one of the suckers about 2 feet away from me on the ground. I don't share Sue the Colombian ladies compunction about harming the little creatures. She used to relocate the things to other nearby trees. That was a program which came back to bite us on a couple of occasions, I remember.
First, Laundry 
Off to the VA Center I went with my backpack stuffed with my best dirty laundry.
I have cut the right legs on a couple pair of older pants to allow me to get at the wound on that thigh.
Then, Mail
Then, I went to the Rebuild Center for the 9 a.m. mail distribution.
Dinner plans changed
My replacement food stamp card had arrived there on October 3rd.
I called the number on the back to activate it; only to learn that "this card has been cancelled."
Then, after a 10 minute walk to the food stamp office, and after the worker there stared at her computer screen speechless for a few seconds and then told me "You cancelled it; I'll have to order you another one" (she probably would not have admitted to erroneously cancelling the new card instead of the old one, herself) she ordered me yet another card which will be here in yet another week.
Until then, I will be making nightly visits to the bins outside Rouses Market.
David  Yet To Get His Appology Nor His Guitar
David the water jug player will have to wait until Thursday, when Bilal will next be at the gallery, to get the Indiana Scout guitar

The Takamine sounds great; but I haven't been too wise in choosing my playing spots; nor who to jam with, lately, and have consequently only 2 dollars and change on me on this Wednesday afternoon, after having made over 30 dollars the very first night with it.
I will be hitting Sam up for a loan of my first beer at the Unique Grocery; in about an half hour from now....


Dazar Gaidin said...

Hey Daniel, its MartinW, long time no chat. I wanted to give you a heads up to something you might be interested in. Put your spin on it and hey maybe you'll get some exposure man.

I think they are still taking submissions

alex carter said...

Dazar Gaidin is right, anything you can do to get yourself online is good. And, since it takes a trust-funder's budget to actually get videos online, you are better off just looking kool to the Kool Kids, who will film you on their diamond-encrusted iPhones using their $500 a month connect plans.

Or try the Mike Rowe thing.

Daniel McKenna said...

Too bad he gives the guitar chords along with the words; I would have put it to the tune of "Rock-n-Roll Music," by the Beatles...