Monday, October 27, 2014

Stand Down Saturday

Saturday morning, I woke up at 8:30 in the morning, remembering that there was to be a "homeless veterans stand down" at the VA Center.
 I kept hitting "snooze" until it was about 10 AM, when I finally went to the place and stood in line.
I got to the front of the line and was told that, since I don't have a VA card, I needed to get in a different line.
At the front of the different line, I was told that I had to go inside to one of the offices, where my veterans status could be verified.
Then, once inside, I was told that it would be easier for me to just get in line with the non veterans.
I eventually made my way to the tents where clothing and duffel bags were being distrubuted, and wound up with one pair of pants that I like, 2 more which I may never wear, because they are gray in color, some socks and underwear.
Getting Me Off The Streets?
I was asked by a lady, who had the "Unity" logo on her shirt, if I was indeed homeless and a veteran.
I explained to her my tenuous status as a veteran, having served during the Reagan years, when 3 year enlistments were thought up to entice more to join; leaving me just short of having the required amount of active duty needed to avail myself to any kind of benefits.
"That doesn't matter," said the Unity lady; who then told me that it was very important that I talk to her because there is a huge push to get the veterans off the streets of New Orleans, right now.
Sunday A Bust
Sunday was pretty much a bust, as I waited for the Sunday Night Football game to kick off at 8:30 PM, at the Super Dome.
Coffee With Karrie
I spent a couple hours hanging out in Starbucks with Karrie.
I had run into her on Canal Street. She is still sober, and has been for "a long time," she said. She drinks a lot of coffee, now.
I bought her a large coffee out of the 43 dollars which I had found stuffed in a pocket of my backpack that morning.
I had played Saturday night in 3 sets of about an hour each at the Lilly spot, stuffing excess bills in the pocket and keeping about 7 or 8 dollars "showing."
Twice I had decided to knock off, but then changed my mind and returned so that I played for a total of about 3 hours and, I guess, about 40 bucks...... The last one ended around 2 AM.

I then went and only caught the tail end of the incoming crowd for the game; then watched most of the game at the big Rouses Market down the street; while swilling Fosters Lager; and I was a wreck by the time the exiting masses were passing me.
I wailed on the harmonica and might have made back what I spent that day.

Now it is Monday and it looks slow out there.....

I want the get the USB microphone and the battery for the laptop and get back into recording..

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