Saturday, October 25, 2014

Tweaking The Blog

I went into the "post template" part of the Blogger settings, and my words should appear slightly larger from here on in; if what I did worked.
Friday was a farce.
Leslie Thompson came into town, broke, and with one week before another installment of $504 dollars is paid to him.
He had bought me 2 harmonicas out of his first check; so I invited him to, by all means come to the Quarter after work, and I would buy him a few beers and make sure he had bus fare home.
This gave me an excuse to drink excessively.
Leslie was blubbering away by 10 PM, sitting next to me as I played and blubbering over what I was playing; as if he thought that I could hold a conversation and sing original songs simultaneously.
We broke off shortly thereafter, myself kind of rudely complaining to him about the difficulty imposed by his talking while I was playing.

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