Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Next Time I Chop Up A Chicken

Three stitches; one every 3 hours and 20 minutes on average (10 hours at the ER).
The cut was so deep that they had to use this vacuum device which sprayed saline solution into the wound like a pressure washer, while simultaneously sucking the dissolved clot out; like a dentists device.
I think they were pissed a bit because someone will have to clean the thing and it has a lot of tubes...
That's what I get for just eating my salad and then rolling over and going to sleep after it happened; while my jeans became sodden with blood and my cardboard became like something out of the series of photos from the Charles Manson killings, in the morning light.
How many hits will the mention of him get me and this blog???
Then I walked around all day with the gaping hole in the middle of the blood stained pants, telling some skeezers that the alligator had gotten me (you don't want to go anywhere NEAR the dock at night!!) and others that I had been shot for refusing to give someone a cigarette, etc. One might as well have as much fun as possible with a gaping, oozing wound, right?
The MD At The ER
The MD at the ER, was training a guy; a guy who shook like a leaf when it was his turn to put the fish hook type thing through my skin.
I didn't ask for any "numbing" until just before that point of the operation.
They said that the blade reached the outside "covering" of the bone. I didn't know that bones had outside coverings but will have to look more closely the next time I chop up a chicken...

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alex carter said...

It's gonna hurt like hell and you'll be walking like Barnacle Bill The Sailor for a bit, I know because I got a dog bite in about the same place once, and it was just two neat puncture wounds, no stitches required, just a clean-out and a course of penicillin.

Hobbling like hell is going to hurt your getting around, so I'm wondering if it might get you a little sympathy and get into some sort of housing? Because you won't get any sympathy on the street, that's for sure.