Friday, October 3, 2014

Wound Check
I went for my wound check early this afternoon.
I think this is a milestone for me because of the fact that I didn't blow off something that I could have easily blown off and the only repercussions would probably be the hospital staff saying: "Cool, the 2:30 never showed up; I can mess with my I-phone now..."
They cleaned the wound and I left there, walking painfully, as the wound had been disturbed out of its slumber.
I walked a tedious quarter mile to the Quicky store; where I saw what looked like skeezers out front, and thought "Quicky skeezers, oh my" to myself, but they didn't skeeze. That probably means they are selling drugs.
I fortified myself with a large beer and then repaired to the Dollar General Store, where I purchased 10 AAA batteries for 4 dollars; 1 rubber replica of a reptile for 1 dollar; 1 notepad with holes in the paper to fit the binder that I have; a bag of chips; and a stick of deodorant (something rarely found in the charitable offerings of the the charitable organizations; joining socks in that category) and then took the streetcar trolley thing back down Canal Street. I just weighed the $1.25 fare against taking 2,628 steps and saying "ouch" on each alternate one and got on the trolley.
The tiposaurus is going to come back from extinction tonight, under a bright spotlight, while a guy who only smells of Arm and Hammer plays songs that he composed on his notepad.
And, the sooner the better.
I made 21 bucks last night, most of it from one guy who said "Here's 20 dollars, I like your sound."
It was said in the "...'better put it in your pocket before one of these skeezers grabs it!" tone of voice.
He very well might have been a blog reader or a Facebook friend of a friend. I thought I was doing a good job of drunk-and-stoned-but-giving-it-the-ol'-college-try, at the time he walked up.

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