Tuesday, November 18, 2014

8 Days Away

well, hello It has been 8 days since I bought the Snowball microphone and holed myself up at Leslie's house, where, while he was at work, I could record.

The First Snowball Recording: "Now I Can Suck In Full Blown Stereo"

http://kiwi6.com/file/2yabsez0q0 (Click Here, I Can't get it to be underlined)

The "Snowball" microphone, made by Blue has kept me in the "studio" and away from this blog; but, now for some catching up...

I hope you enjoyed that song.
I was so tickled to have such audio capabilities that my mind soon turned to , and their sonic capabilities....
Tanya and Dorise

I wake up at Leslie's and there is beer and weed laying around the place.
The Tanya Song (raw) (Click here and crank it)

I decided to work on "Oh, Tanya" for a second day; mostly because that second day was so cold that going into the Quarter to busk seemed a risky gambit.
Going into the Quarter to sleep on a bed of mulch under a bush was a questionable prospect to me, also.
It was the second day which produced the above song.
The above song is like the second song that I did with mybrand new Snowball microphone.

Sidebar: The snowball microphone sat there like an extraterrestrial visitor; waiting to record me and beam the signal back somewhere...
I intend to add to it (the song) before I play it for Tanya and Dorise, during one of their breaks...

Right Now
Right now, I am at Starbucks on a Tuesday night.
Leslie is out front busking with his brand new bongos.
Yes, Leslie bought bongos with his last paycheck; but not before paying the light bill.
The bongos are featured on a recording which I am uploading right now; which is the next progression of the Tanya song above.
In many ways it is better; in one way it is worse. The original had the passion of  man who realizes that he needs a certain woman fresh in the air; mistakes and glitches notwithsatnding.

The Next Song
Is a gem.
It is a symphony which features 9 tracks; all of myself. I was tempted to try to make it sound like Prince.
I have had the luxury of waking up in a house with the heater set on low but going; and in a quiet atmosphere which begs the plugging in of the Snowball microphone.
I have spent maybe 5 hours on this song; I prefer to spend 6 to 8 months, like the real artists; but; once again I am impatient and will "release" music which is not quite perfect but is much better than the imperfect music previously posted.

http://k003.kiwi6.com/hotlink/phlazs4pjd/LatestTnaya.mp3 (click here, if you have the stomach)


alex carter said...

Nice choice of mic! I actually had one a while back then sold it, but might get one again once I'm good enough to record.

I've been out on 3 busking sessions, made an average of about $10 an hour, same as you report. Not ready to think about making a CD yet.

Right now I have some $5 USB mic from Fry's that turns out to be only "certified" up through Windows Vista, probably will work OK but if not, meh.

alex carter said...

OK I listened to your song, the long one, the short one about the snowball mic wouldn't load.

Also, that pop up ad is really annoying, when are you going to get rid of it?

OK so the second song .... as you know I'm online from my friend's house which I'm at once a week. They watch a lot of CSI. I mean, these people are real cop-show junkies. I sometimes wonder if it slants their worldview, because CSI is full of a lot of really creepy shit. In fact, last night was one that really kinda creeped me out, about a psycho medical examiner who kills a bunch of people and almost kills a main character. There's also a totally creepy schizo guy in there, too.

Well, your song sounds like the inside of the schizo creepy guy's mind. If I were Tanya I'd be worried, very worried.

Wow. I never knew you had that Creepy McCreeperson thing going for Tanya. I'm sure since she's dealt with you in real life and told you to not go places she's playing she's aware of this, and not in any real danger as long as she's careful, which she has to be anyway with all the creeps in general around New Orleans.

Daniel McKenna said...

Yeah, Leslie thinks it is "the desperate guy" song....
Actually it is my rebellion against having to write paragraphs of lyrics; by boiling the song down to the most cliche lyrics "I Want You; I Need You"
And the humor is aimed more at Dorise; Tanya would only worry if she knew I spent about 5 hours on that song!!
But, tomorrows song is better!
The Snowball song is prerequisite to the Tanya Song, in a sense

alex carter said...

I'm so conflicted, in that in a way, you're living a life a lot of us would like, no worried, living for your art er, "art" etc. But on another hand, I imagine myself in "your shoes" making enough to rent a room etc. but would that actually be possible, would I run into impasse after impasse, and end up burned out and in a rut?

Maybe the deciding factor was pot, or as Jay Leno called it one night, "Ambition Be Gone".

I have a cheapo USB mic I got for $5 at Fry's I was contemplating sending you, but you leapfrogged me by getting a Snowball, I might get a Snowball too to record myself.

I can see now you've based your song on one by the Beatles, and even with the Beatles' genius level of production, it's a semi-creepy song.

Daniel McKenna said...

Yeah, I just wanted to experiment with the Snowball without being bogged down by having to work out chords and lyrics; so I started out with the basics...I want you; I need you...and two chords; funny thing is; I am already hearing a "b" section for it, as if it has taken on a life of its own (...your silky skin and snakelike eyes ..) and Leslie said that the song was stuck in his head all day at work. So maybe the catchiest songs are the most dumbed-down ones!

The creepy Lennon song must be: "I Want You (She's so heavy)" I suppose, but, what about "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" by "Silly Love Songs" McCartney about a hammer murderer??
It's OK because they are the Beatles; just like Stephen King can write anything because he is Stephen King