Sunday, November 9, 2014

100 Dollar Saturday

Having made over 100 dollars on Saturday night, I am turning my attention towards getting a USB microphone

This (below) is the most recent recording which I have made in the silence and reverberation of the back room at Leslie's house.
It is just me jamming on the chords to "Love Me Do," by The Beatles with the guitar and harmonica; with the idea being to get the best possible sound.
Now that I have the money for a USB microphone, there should be a noticeable improvement therein; in the near future.

I didn't wind up playing Friday night, as I was matching Leslie, drink for drink.
Saturday, he was finished by about 3 PM, and took the bus home.
I wound up playing for quite a while, perhaps 4 hours and making a little over 100 dollars; with one 50 dollar tip helping matters.
I was playing "Sweet Home Alabama," in a regular rotation, and there were certainly a lot of Alabama fans here; because of the big Alabama/LSU game; 50 dollar tippers that they are.....


alex carter said...

That obnoxious ad is still there; since your site is a vehicle for begging, I suggest you get rid of it somehow.

alex carter said...

I should add that I just got a nice lightweight case for my trumpet and went out busking; it sounded better than any guitar lol.