Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Past Week A Blur

As I sit here at the library, it is Tuesday afternoon at around 3:30 PM.
I am missing the "feeding" in the park across the street, served weekly at this time by a mostly vegetarian group from somewhere.
It is possible that they are getting paid through some non-profit "feed the homeless" organization; because they are pretty punctual and their food is of a consistently high quality; they know their cumin and their chipotle.
Leslie has called.

His next 504 dollars will not come for another 9 days.
So that means that the last installment has weathered 5 days of his reckless; impulsive spending.
He told me that he was coming into town.
I am curious about how much money he will have with him; I could hear faint reverberations of that particular tone of voice that he uses when he is broke. It the "I hate to ask; but I DO get paid in just 8 days...." tone.
On a Tuesday night there is not much for me to do except to try to put in a few hours of playing at some point during the night.
2 Dollar Monday
Last (Monday) night, after I had watched the entire Monday Night Football game from outside the Royal Sonesta, consuming about a quart of beer through each quarter of the game, I went to find the Lilly spot very barren of traffic. I made 2 dollars off of a total of about 12 people that walked past me between 10:30 and midnight.
The Leslie Conundrum
 I had a talk with David the water jug player about Leslie.

He was curious about why I "liked" Leslie.

I came to the conclusion that Leslie, if managed properly; can be an asset.

He hates to come home to an empty house (and used to imprison his friends at his former residence which was buttressed by fences and barbed wire).

I had a good time recording music in the empty room at the back of his place. He was at work, and it was quiet there; especially after I unplugged the refrigerator.

Quality Not High Enough To Warrant Staying At Leslie's

Listening back to the outcome of the first recording session there (which can be heard in yesterdays post) it became apparent to me that; until I get a better microphone than the one built in to this laptop then it is not worth the aggravation for me to try to use his house to record during the days when he is at work.

20 Empties In The Morning
While I was there; I washed all the dishes which were piled up in the sink; wiped down the counters and threw out the trash after gathering it up off the floor and the tables. About 20 empty Abita Beer bottles the bulk of it comprised....

He came home from work with about 3 beers in his stomach and 9 more in his insulated beer toting pack. Then, the challenge for me became how to escape graciously from his hospitality and come back in to the Quarter so that I could at least work a few hours.

Leslie would have preferred that I hang out there at the house and use "our" money to keep a constant flow of beer going.


alex carter said...

If you can insinuate yourself into Leslie's drunken graces, you might have a place where you can record etc. Plus you could probably "roll" him with regularity without his noticing; I had a hopeless alcoholic friend whose scuzzy "girlfriends" used to roll him all the time lol

alex carter said...

OK LOL under the effects of coffee rather than gin ... if you can be a decent housekeeper, you might be able to do a roommate situation with the great Leslie, and even, now that you'd have an address so maybe you could get some kind of housing money.

Plus, if you served a full tour, Reagan era or not, you're a vet and might get something for that too.