Monday, November 24, 2014

Sunday Night Ghost Town

I woke up Sunday, under the dock, at about noon, after having caught up on all the sleep I missed Friday night.
Tori Amos
I emerged with 6 dollars and 60 cents on me.
I wanted to watch football, and was able to find the Patriots game on a TV and saw the last quarter of it. I know that watching football is almost a luxury that I can't afford.
Then, I bought a half pint of vodka and came here to Starbucks to do yesterdays post.
Leslie had taken the bus back to his house with the $1.25 which I had given him.
There he sat, totally broke and waiting for Thursday to come, when he will be paid again.
I'm sure he was on the phone all day, looking for a loan which he would pay back then; so he could be in beer and weed until that time.
I just didn't have the resources to take the bus out to his neighborhood to get him and then pay both of our fares back; it wouldn't have left anything for the half pint of vodka.
I said that it was doubtful that I would make it back on the last (10:15) bus out on Sunday.
This morning I woke up under the dock just about flat broke and with my chest feeling tight; reigniting speculation that it is something that I am breathing under there which brought on my respiratory issues of about 3 months ago.
Monday Night Football is in town tonight, with the Baltimore Ravens visiting.
Ironically, my last set of clean clothes which I donned consists of black pants with a purple shirt (the Baltimore Ravens colors).
I might have to do something about that before sitting down to play, perhaps put the semi-clean black shirt from my pack on, in order to stay neutral.
Baltimore Rock?
Are their any famous bands from Baltimore which I may be able to prostitute out there???
OK, I just Googled that, and it looks like I should have learned a Tori Amos song, how to croon like Billie Holiday; or play some Phillip Glass.
After the game ends; I might have just enough time to make the last bus back to Leslie's, where I could spend Tuesday and Wednesday recording while he is as work.
It would be nice to have the 4 dollars to give him each day so that he can pass out on 48 ounces of 8% cheap malt liquor.
I am going out soon; totally sober.
I'll be starting out the tiposaurus with nothing, and will hope to have the first dollar thrown to me quickly, so it will attract more.
Then, after everybody is in the stadium, I can run to the big Rouses Market for my first beer of the day...or an energy drink.
I can feel another attempt at sobriety coming on.
I am to the point where, half of the time, drinking puts me out of the mood for busking.
There is the conflict of values because in my heart of hearts I know that
Thanksgiving morning, the House of Blues on Decatur Street will be serving their annual meal to any and all. Last year it was a blend of people from all walks of life; about 30% skeezers.
The food was brought in by a catering service and there were huge pans of all kinds of Thanksgiving fare.
I only ate a little bit of turkey, then, with very little gravy and avoided most of the rest, out of fear of eating soybean oil and waking up with a stiff neck and kinks in my back, swollen glands, etc.
Leslie looks forward to eating "a hundred dollar meal, for free," and has been talking about it for the past couple weeks now.
It is about time for me to go over to the Super Dome, and hopefully not encounter any resistance to myself sitting on a milk crate at my spot and playing one or two songs repetitively, hoping at least the harmonica will attract people from up to 50 feet away.
I have no idea how much, if anything, I will make.
I just don't want to be paralyzed by trepidation and not even make the effort.
If playing sober isn't fun; I should look for another profession.
The guitar has brand new strings on it, thanks to Brian Hudson, who gave me a set on credit the other night.
I can always walk the 3.5 miles to Leslie's house, should I not even be able to clear $1.25.
The 136 dollar night, 16 days ago, is becoming a fading memory...

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Alex said...

My thanksgiving plans would have to have a very good free meal served up every year by a somewhat pricey restaurant in mountain view, then busk there not worrying about money but to make people happy, but instead I'm staying over with friends, the food won't be as good lol but the family feeling will be much better.