Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Thompson Residence

I am at the library, it is Saturday, late afternoon.
I wanted to come here to burn at least a couple of CDs to my data stick. It would be nice to have something new to listen to.
I woke up this morning on Leslie's floor. I had been having weird dreams.
Leslie is off for the entire 4 day Thanksgiving "weekend."
I am very cognizant of the fact that I had lived with Leslie on a prior occasion; one which ended in a violent separation; and I am vigilant of the same contributing factors in our current arrangement.
Leslie focuses all of his attention on his "housemate," when they are both home.
He woke up this morning and asked me what I wanted to do on this particular day.
I wanted to make it a very productive day.
I could see myself studying sheet music for a couple hours, then, coming here to the library to rip some new music, and then going back to the house to work for about 5 hours on my upcoming CD, and then going into the Quarter to play the Lilly spot into the wee hours of the morning, so as to reduce my dependence upon Leslie's money.
I told him that I wanted to run up to Canseco's Market to get some Goody's Powder to hopefully help beat back the last of a nagging flu which I have had the past few days.
He wanted to come with me.
I started feeling like I was attached to him at the hip; why would he want to walk to the store with me, when I was going to return?
We got the the store where Leslie informed me that he had 4 dollars to go in on a 1.5 liter bottle of wine. I put in the supplementary 4 dollars, and we walked out of there, before noon on a Saturday, with a magnum of chardonnay.
I tried to ascertain just what Leslie's plans were for the day and to arrange things so that I would have time to come to the library and then have the house empty, so that I could record some music, and work it around both of our schedules; but it started to dawn upon me that Leslie's plans might have been only to become inebriated and to have some other person that he could focus all his attention on and involve the attention of and basically usurp 24 hours from...
I am in the Quarter now, under 10 dollars on me; and ready to start making my way again, playing music and weaning myself off of the Thompson residence... 

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