Friday, January 9, 2015

40 Degrees

He's Back!

It is a little below 40 degrees, and I have decided to stay in my apartment; and get some reading and music practice done.
I am at Rouses Market, which is about .75 miles away, and I will probably pick up some more apple juice (the brand which is on sale at $1.19 per half gallon).

This almost dictates to me that it is time for the 3 day juice fast; and the cessation of drinking and smoking, which is part of the program.

I have no cash; and no cigarettes; but I will have a couple of gallons of apple juice and distilled water and a place which (despite maintenance struggling with the heat) will be at least in the 60's.

Tomorrow, I am slated to meet none other than Howard, at Fillipis Mexican Taqueria to watch the Patriots playoff game.

Howard is a veteran, also, and balked at the idea of trying to get a place at the Sacred Heart Apartments, because of the 30% of his social security which will be taken from him.

That amount would be about 170 dollars, we calculated.

"Why don't you sign up for food stamps and get 194 dollars per month, enough to cover that amount, PLUS put 24 dollars in you pocket, PLUS get you out of the tent that you sleep in along the Mississippi River, Howard?" I said.

More on Howard later....

I have a Starbucks gift card, which the Lidgleys sent me from London for Christmas, and, unless I can busk up some money during the day (which is forcast to be warmer) I might hang around there and ask people if I can put their coffee on that card, in exchange for cash of an equal or less (to make it worth their while) value.

The temperatures will continue to rise back into the 70's by Sunday, supposedly.

After that, I will be back in business; hopefully not drinking or smoking, and hence, not worrying about money accumulating. That has been a remedy for money woes every time in the past.

I have plenty of time for working on music and writing; and this blog should benefit in the coming days; as I have the opportunity to catch up on it; do "housecleaning" chores upon it, etc.

One of which will be to start replacing the old crappy recordings in the sidebar to the right with the newer "Snowball Era" ones that I am starting to put together, now that I have the leisure and the freedom from distraction of other people at my place.

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Alex said...

Now all you have to do is record some CDs of your stuff get jewel cases and use some of your art for labels, its nice and colorful just have a kinkos or something print it off in color.

Having CD's to sell is supposed to make a huge difference in earnings. Enough so that as soon as I'm sounding decent I plan to do the very same thing.