Thursday, January 8, 2015

Unseasonably Cold

It is unseasonably cold outside; too cold to busk. So, I am at Rouses Market, where I will pick up some seasonings and cook myself a hot meal at the apartment.

We might have record cold temperatures; so I will stay inside and record music.

Last night, David the water jug player was out in the cold and complaining that he was going to have to sleep at the mission. He mentioned it so frequently that I know he was hinting that I let him crash at my place.

I thought about it and the analogy that I came up with is: When you get a new car; you don't let all your friends pile in and go for a joyride, because they will leave cigarette burns on the upholstery, spill things etc.

Plus, letting someone crash sets a precedent and pretty soon they might be tossing pebbles against your window, begging to be let in...

David would have needed streetcar fare to get there (and then streetcar fare in the morning to get back); when I cooked my excellent meal of swai fish fillets with steamed kale and roasted garlic and mushrooms; would I just eat it in front of him?

If I wanted to record experimental music through trial and error; would I really want someone there to rate it and point out the (already obvious) errors?

If I wanted to take a bath, I would have to wrap up in a towel to walk past him back to my room...

Every time I lit up a cigarette, would it be "Hey, can I get one of those?"?

And, I am only allowed guests 10 days out of 30, and that would only leave 9 potential days for Karrie (for example) to crash.

So, I kind of just got away from him, and hopped a streetcar back last night.

I am at the Rouses Market, as stated, and the wi-fi is a little spotty. I can't check my e-mail, for example; but that might be just a problem with my mail provider.

I am just trying to figure out what to eat; I have to walk almost a mile through 35 degree air to get back to my place. I have no cash, but 114 bucks on my food card...

It is forecast to warm up drastically in the next few days...

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