Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Unity Unit

They assured me that the dumpster will
soon be gone and I will have a splendid view of Canal Street...

Well, I made it to my appointment at the Sacred Heart Apartments, just 26 minutes late, and signed some more paperwork; and was given two keys; one for the unit that I had picked out (A110) and one for the laundry room. The implication was clear: You can live here, but keep your clothes clean!

The reason that I was a little late was that, I had gotten off the streetcar about a mile past the place, so that I could pour a sock full of pennies into the change machine at the new Rouses Market (just a mile from home -I still have trouble with that concept- and brimming with goodies) so that I would have the money to take the streetcar back into town.

5 Dollar Tuesday

I was that broke, after having had a 5 dollar Tuesday night in the 45 degree air.

It turned out that I only had $4.03 in pennies; they had seemed a lot heavier than that in my backpack.

But, I got the key to the place; along with a shopping cart loaded with what would turn out to be a comforter and sheets, two pillows; a bunch of plates and glasses and silverware; hygiene items; and a lot of cans of food, though, no can opener...

I took a long hot bath, then unpacked a lot of heavy items from my backpack, like this laptop and the Snowball microphone, and things like cans of shaving cream and bottles of dish washing liquid.
It's my couch, and I'll sit if I want to...

It felt light as a feather as I walked into the Quarter.

I didn't want to take the street car, having only $4.03 on me; and I wanted to see how long the walk would take. It took about 30 minutes.

Then, I drank a couple of beers.

The streets were teeming with Ohio State fans and Alabama fans, in town for the Sugar Bowl.

They didn't seem to be tipping the musicians that I passed on Royal Street (except for Tanya and Dorise, but that's a given..) and it crossed my mind that a really bad night might be in store for me; as if the gods had granted me a free place to stay for the rest of my life; and having a lucrative night on top of that would be too much to ask for; and pushing my luck.

40 Dollar New Years Eve

I got to the Lilly spot and started the tiposaurus out with one single dollar.

I had to keep an eye on the clock, as I wasn't sure of the streetcar schedule, but was pretty sure that they ran until at least midnight.

I was feeling relaxed, and secure in the knowledge that I had a place to go to at the end of the night, come what may.
The notice on the brand new refrigerator informed me
that the energy it will consume will only add an average of 44 dollars per year to the national deficit!

What came was about 40 dollars in two hours. It was business as usual, as I looked to see that someone had put a 20 dollar bill in the jar at one point; and I had been so much in my "zone"* that it had seemed to have magically materialized.

*I'm probably "autistic" (but there was no such thing yet when I was a kid, so I'm just a "space cadet" and not entitled to any benefits).

I was playing "Sweet Home Alabama," and "Ohio," (by Crosby Stills Nash and Young) a lot.

I was also visited by a guy who asked me if I had a glass.

I had my almost empty 16 ounce beer can, I told him.

Yes, I Can

He proceeded to refill the can with straight whiskey -pretty high quality stuff- and my fears about the gods balancing the sheets by throwing me a terrible night evaporated, as I was able to stumble past the Unique Store without spending any money; then go to the Walgreens, where I purchased a nice, solid, heavy duty can opener for about 7 dollars out of the 40 that I made.

The comforter on top is the exact same color and material
as the jacket which Karrie was wearing the last time I saw her.
The implication was clear there, too. I had told her that couples
"in a romantic relationship" were allowed to stay. She replied: "You can be romantic..."

By the time I got home (I still have trouble with that concept) I had polished off the whiskey (16 ounces of nearly straight whiskey is a lot) and I let myself in to my place; and as evidenced by the clues that I found in the morning; I opened a lot of cans with my 7 dollar can opener; and ate a lot of food; some of it heated up on the stove, then I emptied my backpack of all its contents; perhaps looking for the last of the money which I had shoved into it in my haste to leave the Lilly spot abruptly enough to evade skeezers, who keep a loose tally of the money going into my jar, and who are monotonous with their skeezes of asking me if I had had a good night; then saying "that's good," as if they are happy for me and congratulating me; and then of course; trying to skeeze me for 2 dollars "so I can catch the bus."

"The last bus leaves in about 10 minutes, dude. I guess you'll be hopping right along with me as I make my way there, huh?"

 Studio A110

And, I made a 21 minute recording with the Snowball microphone. Playing it back this morning, through headphones gave me some useful ideas about microphone placement. I had pulled back the sensitivity on the thing to about 30% and then sang directly into it; with the guitar a couple feet away and got a mix which is more like the stuff played on the radio; where the voice is 4 times louder than the acoustic guitar.

Other than that; I need to focus upon improving my vocals...

Another angle (right) shows the 10 foot high and 5 foot wide windows which will need huge, expensive drapes to adorn them.

I also need things like a toothbrush holder and a shower curtain.

I am going to line one of the closets with couch cushions and pillows; to use as a vocal recording chamber.

One of the reasons that I chose A100 over D401 (which has smaller windows, but is on the 4th floor) is the fact that an elevator shaft separates it from the next apartment on one side; so that I can sing about carcasses at the top of my lungs and not worry about offending whomever is in there. Plus, the room must have once been an office because there are electrical outlets "everywhere."  

Time To Strike

The Quarter is now teeming with people (New Years Day, 5:30 PM). 
This is the time to strike while the iron is hot. I'm sure that Tanya and Dorise have already made my annual salary out there; while I have yet to pluck a note.

I may go over by the Super Dome and play that spot; then hit the Lilly Spot; but not before confirming the departure time of the last streetcar home (I still can't get used to that concept).

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