Friday, January 30, 2015

Cream Sherry $3.80 A Bottle

A Familiar Tune
It has been a kind of depressing past couple of days.
Now that I have broken my string of 12 days without drinking, that is a bummer in itself. 
At least I'm drinking Sherry now, not the cheap malt liquor which the other skeezers drink.
Once again, the money seems to equal what I spend on debauchery.
Guitar strings; batteries for the spotlight; percussion instruments for the studio, and new harmonicas are expenses that are grinning at my window.
I hope to clear enough tonight so that I can go across the river (and back) to let Howard know that he can watch the Superbowl with me in two days and be assured a place to crash afterwards.
I have arranged it with the building manager.
It is Friday night; and I go out without much enthusiasm, to play. 
5 Dollar Thursday
Last night, I made about as much money helping Christina Friis tote her equipment 3 blocks to her apartment ($3) and selling a few cigarettes to David the water jug player ($2) as I did busking.
I might as well call it a 5 Dollar Thursday.
I charted out "The Man Who Couldn't Decide What Flavor He Wanted," and laid down a couple rhythm guitar parts, along with a pseudo bass guitar, produced by dropping the pitch of the guitar down a full octave, and playing a bass line on it.
It sounds pretty much like a bass guitar; an acoustic bass guitar. With all of the synthetic sounds inundation everyone's ears these days; I don't think any "purists" will complain "But it's NOT an acoustic bass! It sounds artificial!!"
This morning, I decided that the tempo was too slow for that song -I may have once played it at that speed, when I was teaching it to myself, but now I can play it much faster, and so I might as well.
85 beats per minute is the current speed.
I now go to get a bottle of cream sherry, which is on sale at CVS ($3.80 out the door) and hopefully sipping it will put a cheerful glow upon my countenance, rather than make me moody, cantankerous and/or glum.
The next attempt at a juice fast/abstainence period will probably have to start 6 days from now, as that is when I get food money on my card.
Time To Bulk Up
Now that I have a refrigerator and freezer, I can bulk up on things.
Last month, I had a lot of catching up to do; and I wasn't as wise in my decisions as I could have been. A prime example being the two 8 dollar bottles of olive oil which I bought (35 ounces total) when, for a little more, I could have gotten a whole gallon.
I think olive oil is the most "quantity" discounted item that I have ever seen.
It ranges from 40 cents per ounce for the smallest bottle down to about 17 cents per ounce for a gallon of it. 


Alex said...

Now that you have an apartment you could consider getting an amp, because you can store it safely when you sleep.

I've seen that cream sherry in CVS, is it any good? I ought to buy a bottle and try some.

Daniel McKenna said...

The cream sherry is very sweet; a spoonful of sugar helps the (18%) medicine go down.
It's a wonder that those 4 Loco people can't sweeten up their 12% crap any better; the sherry is like a desert wine which would go with cheesecake, or even fruit -cantaloupe honeydew melon, blueberries strawberry's...
The 4 Loco that I found recently, sitting in the frigid air almost full, which I took a sip off of and put right back down; tasted like watermelon cool aid with turpentine added