Thursday, January 29, 2015

Program Don't Fail Me Now

Yes, fans, I come to you powered by Perl, the scripting language. " 
Asked for "an intravenous shot of espresso
at Starbucks; again. They laughed; again.

The problem (the one that caused a previous post to have up to 12 line breaks after each paragraph) has been temporarily solved.
I cannot hit enter after every paragraph and thereby put a space between paragraphs.
The program sees this one line-break character and processes it as if it is an entire sentence. A pretty boring sentence; one character long and that character being the character that tells the browser to go to the next line.
So; the program would try to make the first three words of this "string of words" larger, and in a different font; it would also change the color of these words; to a randomly chosen color which the rest of the paragraph will "inherit."
Since there were no more words in the paragraph; the program somehow looped, and in that loop; printed "return" after "return," etc.
So, right now, as I compose in Notepad; I am careful not to put my own "ENTER" button in between paragraphs, trying to put a space between them; but sending my program haywire.
That was the first time I have used the word "haywire" in this blog, in 8 years, now.
I almost used it once, when telling the story of the dog that I bet on at the dog track where the track itself (which you could see, if you'd eaten your carrots, through the huge glass back of the building) had no dogs running on it; wasn't even illuminated; and all the dogs were running on television screens; races taking place world-wide and starting at different times; and all could be wagered upon.
My dog actually lead the race, before going haywire is, I think the way I considered using the word.

25 Dollar Wednesday
Last night, I was at the Lilly Spot pretty early...I made 25 dollars, approximately...I am playing my best ever -the stress-free sessions at my place having allowed me to focus more upon details.
There was no sign of the guy who wanted to play my guitar, drink my wine and smoke my cigarettes and.....
Tonight Is Thursday
I have been gravitating towards the habit of being up a bit after noon (perhaps the actual time when we experience "true noon" here, when the the sun is 100% directly over head; this would be around 1:15 PM, or so. Let's just say that it is 1:08 PM when the sun is indicating true noon; because that is the time that I seem to awaken at; a lot).
Pillows = All

I have been following the recording plan and charting songs out; determining their best tempo for the "click, click, click" track; and measuring out sections and putting markers along the track to let me know when the different sections are coming; that way I can go into them full steam and not like a diver who doesn't really know how deep the water is that he is about to dive into; from a great height.
I charted out a couple; and then put the initial rhythm guitar parts down.
What I do is play an additional (live) rhythm guitar part along with all of the previous rhythm guitar parts -and there can be like 5 or 6 of them; and I try to be the standout; best one of them all by trying to play better.
Then, the tracks which have actual "mistakes" in them can be deleted and replaced with the better ones.
The first track is the one where it feels really stark and you are kind of totally responsible for laying down what the rhythm actually is.
The second one, you have the freedom to "leave out" whatever the first guy is doing; because he is already doing it.
So, on the second track, you can play stuff that is going to make the whole sound better; but which; by itself, would never probably be the initial first rhythm track; you feeling so responsible for establishing the rhythm because nobody else is, at the time....
Do you follow me?
Let me feed this through the perl program and see what pretty and random colors it chooses for the paragraphs, shall we?
Then, I am off to the Lilly spot, where I made about 25 dollars last night.
There was a 20 dollar bill in there, so the figure could easily have been 6 dollars.
But, I was nailing the harmonica pretty well right before I noticed the Alexander Jackson, or whomever; in the tiposaurs' jar (and then absconded it from the sight of skeezers).
I just plain quit early.
I started at about 7:30 PM.
I am not in the habit of seeing it be so early upon my first time check, after having sweated through about an hour and a half of playing.
I might have played another half hour; and then weighed the advantage of having more studio time, in exhange for having a chance to pad the 25 dollars...and I went to Rouses Market and purchased food with cash (I am 7 days away from the assumption of my entitlement to a load of government assistance, when my food card will be charged with $194).
If I don't make cash busking; I don't eat.
Rouses Market has stopped putting out any refuse food; they wait until the trash trucks show up; and then bring it forth from out of the bowels of the store.
I could have filled my free refrigerator with free food. I would have been a vegetable-rinsing; fresh fish freezing; fruit squeezing fool!
With the last street car home departing at 2:50 AM, I would have had plenty of time to apply my flashlight and my backpack in food gathering. But, as of now, there is no more Rouses Market food being put out.
We have gone from The Great Chicken Bag to this.
I wonder who made the corporate decision...I worry that this blog has unwittingly made the food that Rouses used to throw out, world famous. "....half a roll of turkey breast deli meat; double-wrapped in Saran wrap..."

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