Wednesday, February 11, 2015

16 Dollar Tuesday

I Buy A Puzzle

An uneventful Tuesday saw me coming into the Quarter in the evening, after having been up all night, recording guitar and shaker parts, for a song in my "Bum Suite."

I posted to this blog and then played for about 2 hours, starting at 10:10 PM , making the above amount, but having spent it on energy drinks; 4 pairs of socks; a sack of weed and a pack of cigarettes.

I am on my 9th day without drinking, though.

I was up all night, and in the morning, went to the Goodwill store, looking for a juicer, a jigsaw puzzle, books on Perl programming, and possibly a little radio, so that I can walk around my place listening to it; and not be tethered to ear buds.

To the right is what the completed 1,000 piece puzzle will look like. It was the only jigsaw puzzle at the Goodwill Store, but seems to be high quality, with thick pieces.

I am now at Starbucks, which is closing in 5 minutes and really can't think of what I can accomplish here.

After I left the Goodwill, I stopped a the Brown Derby, a little convenience store and bought some beans (which I have soaking) and some tomato sauce, and took note of the other stuff that they have there; notably; 15 pound boxes of frozen swai fish fillets. Their prices are pretty high, though.

I suppose I will be at the Lilly spot by about 9:30 PM, and I guess I will play, although I am not too enthusiastic; being on about 3 hours of sleep; but being out here because it is Mardi Gras, and there is a parade going on; and I will probably make some money.

I want to free myself up to record for several hours each of the coming days.

The Brown Derby had Yellow Tail wine on sale for $2.99 per bottle for a "summer" white wine with fruity flavors. It was tempting; having been up all night, to get one and then stay up all day working on music; but this particular project is going to tentatively be dedicated to sobriety; for however long it takes me to complete it

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