Sunday, February 8, 2015

28 Dollar Saturday

Saturday night, I walked into the Quarter; partly because the cable cars are only running to the edge of it, because of the parades, and that leaves me about 1/6th of the way to walk, which takes 5 minutes; and partly because the next car coming was not even in sight; so, in the 15 minutes that I would wait for the next car to come and drop me off a 5 minutes walk to my destination; I could walk to that same spot; therefore; I would have saved no time at all; and my dollar and 25 cents would go towards would be being too lazy to walk.

I ran into a Rastafarian guy, who is a friend of David the Water Jug player, and he gave me an offer I couldn't refuse on some very high caliber ganga; which I put in my pocket, then began the walk towards the Lilly spot, stopping to get about an hour in Starbucks, when I posted yesterdays.

I wasn't to the Lilly spot until about 10:15, due to having chosen to blog at Starbucks, instead of the CC's Coffee which is one block down from the Lilly spot.

I made about 20 bucks or so, within an hour and a half, and then a couple of guys came and sat on Lillys stoop.

They were there to just sit and talk; and probably thought the musician 4 feet to their left would make nice background music for their conversation. The musician whose tips dwindled down to just a few single dollars while they were sitting there.

I had the quandary, since they were well dressed and well spoken, of either politely telling them that people usually don't seem to tip me when someone is sitting next to me, wherupon, they may have apologized and thrown me, like, 10 bucks for having blocked my tip jar.

Or the option I took, of just letting them finish their conversation and go off somewhere.

I just tried to play my best; but got no noticeable feedback from them; they were into "themselves," is my guess.

I thought, after what seemed like an hour, that they still might say something like "We've enjoyed your music for the past hour," and throw me like, a 20 or something.

I think in the course of my playing, they did throw 2 or 3 bucks in my jar.

I was in a patient mood, though, and basically just worked on my music; experimenting a bit; as I was kind of poking around to see if I could get the guys, engrossed in a conversation, to react to anything I played.

Well, Starbucks is closing soon.

It is Sunday night, but not a normal Sunday night (which tends to die off after 10 PM, but a Mardi Gras Sunday.

Spotlight on the spotlights.

The second spotlight, which I got in case the first one continued to act up, came with its "included" batteries not only dead but having had leaked their acids and corroded the terminals, which I had to scrape with a nail file to remedy.

Luckily, I had bought my own 10 pack of batteries, to go along with the light.

It still flickered, and would dim at random moments.

I exchanged it for a couple of energy shots.

I am still basically on the 4th day of the juice fast; but had popcorn, done in sesame oil, last night.

I broke out in a rash and had swollen glands everywhere, for a little while. It started with a cramp-like pain, below each ear, where the skull meets the neck muscle, as if the glands were straining to secrete something.

I have never made popcorn in sesame oil before; and despite the way Dr. Deepak Chopra raves about the miracle of sesame oil ("put it in your eyeballs, even!) I just may be intolerant of it; this could be a further breakthrough in the refinement of my diet.

There was a certain "honey" chicken dish which an Oriental place made in Jacksonville, which would give me a stiff neck and numbness down my arms every time I ate it.

I always blamed it on the obvious soy sauce in it; but, maybe the secret of the recipe is sesame oil....
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Alex said...

You might look into bike lights as I think you tend to get a bit better quality.

Now's the time to get a CD done, even if it crappy it's something.... Kind of like bill gates started out with windows 1.1 it's a start.

Daniel McKenna said...

Yeah bike lights might be easier to position in the vines, using whatever apparatus is used to affix them to bikes.
Maybe I could permanently attach part to the vine and then just slide the light in and out; like bikers have to do before letting the bike (and light) out of their sight..

Alex said...

That's a big part of it besides the higher quality. Also, there might be some kind of work light with a clamp base...