Sunday, March 22, 2015

Love Is What He's Got

Hapless And Harpless
An hour and 4 minutes to get to the music store, and ticking...
I am at the EnVie Cafe; it is 11:40 PM, 20 minutes before Sunday morning technically starts, in this time zone.

How Cool Is That?

There is a quintessential "traveling kid," sitting in one of the chairs outside, strumming a guitar, and singing one of the stalwarts of their set, "Love Is What I've Got," by Sublime?

He is barking it out in a drunken, almost slurred, voice; feeling the false bravado that the whiskey has provided him; and probably thinking to himself that he is the coolest thing going. He is probably too shy to play in front of people when sober.

"I permanently disfigured my face and body with hideous tattoos; there's my dog, right over there, and I'm drunk enough to say: "Where's my f***ing money, you stupid bitch who has a job?!?" (left) -note all the trash and garbage on the sidewalk. Oh, and the empty cigarette pack and spilled drinks, too.

Before that song, he was howling another classic about spangeing change off people, flying a sign ("until the police come") and "living dirty" ("I have no problem with living dirty..."). When the "F word" came around in the lyrics; he upped his volume and shouted the word. How cool is that? It reminded me of the comic, who once said something about how much of a real challenge it is to be "clean" and still be funny. Take those words away from Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy; and they suddenly have no jokes to tell...

The barrister kept eying him, as if on the verge of driving him away.
I, once again failed to make it to The Louisiana Music Factory, to get a new harmonica.
I woke up the final time, at 8:56 PM, which was 16 minutes later than the previous "morning," and left me 16 minutes less time to make it to the music store.
It had been another fitful "night" with me having lied down in the early morning, after having had a hot bath; only to have my mind continue to race with random thoughts.
I finally went, a little before noon, to the Walgreens up the street and got a "sleep" drink (with melatonin, Valerian root, etc.) and a newspaper, and returned to the apartment to attempt sleep again.
I may have drifted off about 3 PM, with plans to be at the music store before they closed at 10 PM.
Clock-Radio Would Have Been Invaluable
 A 5 dollar alarm clock (with even a radio, that I can walk around listening to, without being tethered to headphones) would have been an investment, which probably would have paid for itself 10 times over, in just the past two days. 

I would have been at the Lilly spot a couple hours sooner each night, and been playing a brand new harmonica, during the 4 extra hours -and still have gotten these blog posts done. Only, the blog posts would have detailed my making probably 50 dollars more; and talked about all the neat toys that I am considering purchasing.

But, now I am in the same boat; up the creek without a paddle, and faced with playing from whenever I leave here, until about 2:30, with just the guitar and my voice; but sober (on the 6th day of it) and still existing upon water alone.

I can't say that I haven't eaten for 6 days, because I have had about a half dozen apples, and some prune juice; and a little bit of apple and grapefruit juices; in an attempt to purge myself of whatever is still causing my eczema to flair up; from having way too much histamine in my system. 
I am wondering if it is due to the NOLA tap water, which might be what they use at EnVie Cafe to make my coffees. I'm drinking one now, as I write. I have eliminated the Monster Energy drinks as the culprit, by stopping my consumption of them.
Some stuff just gets into the fatty cells, I think, and can take more than 6 days to leave.
My Findings:
There is a "double-edged sword" involved with fasting and cleansing. One certainly wants to purge oneself of mucous and allow the lymphatic system to continue to remove cellular waste (while not taking in any new toxins) but if this isn't done thoroughly enough, the body will sense that it is starving, once you switch to water-only; and will try to wring whatever it can out of whatever crappy food is left in the system; by constipating itself in an attempt to hang on to it, rather than flushing it out. I say this from experience; and am not sure it is corroborated by any "scientific" datum by the medical profession; but, they are the ones who were putting leeches on people to draw "the bad blood" out of them, not too long ago (a blink of the evolutionary eye) so I am sure I am ahead of the curve, there...

It (the lingering reaction) is giving me insomnia and making my mind race, probably due to irritation of the brain stem; as it was this morning, when I wrote the following, which I post now...
Back To This Morning  
I am still up at 7:11 AM, on this Saturday.

Yesterday, I had a 15 dollar night, after playing for just one hour, starting at 1 in the morning. 

It felt like I was leaving a lot of money "on the table," as there seemed to be buskers on Decatur Street near EnVie Cafe who were making some cash, while I was inside, doing yesterdays post.

The consolation, once again was the fact that I am not drinking, and thus, spent only 7 bucks and change, on a couple cable car rides, a bottle of Perrier water, and the americana that I drank while blogging. What little tobacco I smoked, I picked out of the quality butts off the sidewalk outside the coffee house. I don't even think I have competition from other skeezers for them, as, the coffee house is away from their path to and from the beer store.

Now, I must wake up in time to take the 42 bucks to the music store for a new harmonica. 

I am thinking of the key of D, this time. I've never had one in that key, but the possibilities are interesting. I know a lot of stuff in A blues, which I haven't been playing because of the C harp around my neck.

People are prone to say: "hit that harmonica!" and hold out potential money; and if I am caught in the key of A blues, I need to do a quick, and sometimes awkward; key change before hitting the harmonica.

I am tempted to run to the Goodwill store to look for a cheap alarm clock, so as to not miss the closing of the music store; and to get to the Lilly spot earlier, also.

I felt like I could have had a 50 dollar night, had I had the harp and put in 3 hours.
But, I feel better at the beginning of this 6th day without drinking; and having foregone any Monster energy drinks.

I think the fast and cleanse only works when the body is in "starvation" mode, and the body thinks that it is in a critical survival situation and all the available energy recedes to the brain.

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