Thursday, April 16, 2015

It is Wednesday the 15th of April; tax day for some; but just another Wednesday evening for myself, who made 26 dollars in an hour and a half last night ($17.33/hr.).

Johnny B., my new roommate, made 52 bucks, but played for more like 5 hours on Royal Street, through his amp and his microphone.

I now own an amp, but have no microphone, though, I am being patient.

The roommate situation has worked out even better than I may have imagined.

Johnny is very conscientious and often calls from the store on his way home to see if I want him to pick me up anything.

He has, along with the Roland Street Cube® amp, given me a book called "The Beatles Complete Scores," which has me adding Beatles songs to my repertoire, mostly ones that I once played in my late teens and that I thought that I needed to update to utilized the skills that I have acquired since then.

Instead of just playing "Golden Slumbers," for example, I now can play almost the entire medley, after having just pored through the book and refreshed my memory and made subtle adjustments (mostly to incorporate Paul McCartneys bass lines into my chords -bass lines which are transcribed in the scores).

The harmonica notes are even scored on songs such as "I Should Have Known Better." Cool.

Johnny arrived on Monday, carrying the Roland amp and a traveling bag.

He immediately presented me with the amp, as a gesture of good faith in our being able to endure 10 days together successfully.

He has upped my level of performance, as he is arguably one of the best vocalists on the street, and I don't have to feel like I am trying to show off by singing at my best; only that I am speaking his language.

His voice is hard to quantize, falling somewhere between the guy who sings for the Foo Fighters, and the guy who sings for R.E.O. Speed wagon.

He is also very elusive on the Internet, with people having shot several videos of him which have become lost, due to them having posted them on Youtube under labels like "The guy singing across from the hotel." Videos get kind of lost in the shuffle that way.

He keeps telling me that he is going to send me a picture of himself that I can post on this blog, in order to put a face to the name, but he hasn't yet.

I am going to be out earlier tonight, I suppose and put in more than an hour and a half.

But it is already 8 PM, and my laundry still has 20 minutes left; and I am so cheap as to take the 30 minute walk to the Lilly pad rather than spend a buck 25 and be there in 15 minutes; will be close.

I love the fact that I have brand new songs to play; especially if Barnaby is to sit out on his stoop to enjoy a cigarette (and to garner the attention of passers by who will use his chandelier as a conversation starter) and won't have to be subject to "Imagine" by John Lennon one more time...

That's about it from New Orleans.

We had a huge down pouring of rain earlier which exposed some leaks in the newly renovated 1920's era building; but none of them effecting my rooms.

I am waiting for them to put a wi-fi hot point into operation, so that I don't have to tote this laptop in my backpack, where it is subject to having its screen cracked by dint of it being placed in there along with, a heavy jar of pickles, for example.

And then, this blog should become more interesting as, the ideas that I awaken from dreams with in the middle of the night about cartoons and/or stories that I just might write; may come to fruition, as the laptop will be right at my disposal, and with an intact screen...

The Perl program has been restored.

If the paragraphs here are rendered in pretty fonts and colors, then it has been restored well. It only took me 4 hours to re-write the original program, which took me some 70 hours..

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