Friday, April 17, 2015

Computer Room Intalled

A Rained Out Thursday
Computer Room At Sacred Heart Apartments

It is Friday, and I am posting from the newly installed computer room, here at Sacred Heart Apartments.

I can now do my blog posts in my room and then carry them via data stick to the computer room and post them up.

This eliminates my need to put the laptop in my backpack where it is
A: prone to having its screen cracked from the pressure on another object in the bag.
B: An additional 6 pounds or so for me to have to tote over the 4 miles of walking around the Quarter, which I average.
C: A target for thieves who might see me using it in Starbucks and then placing it in my backpack, (from their vantage point of where they are skeezing outside the place) and then might later on see me walking up Canal Street late at night, as I might be trying to save the $1.25 on the cable car.

I am also no longer limited by the hours of operation of the various coffee houses which have wi-fi.

Johnny B. Has Been Goode

Johnny B. has been quite the class act as a roommate.
He has been true to his promise of trying to save up money for an eventual trip to New York, having gone out each of the past 4 days to play an average of 5 or 6 hours each.

He would probably have close to 200 dollars saved already if it weren't for one slip up on Thursday, when he overslept his appointment at the methadone clinic.

He already has to pay 94 dollars each Monday for a weeks worth of daily methadone "treatments," but, Thursday he had to take an additional 50 bucks out of his money to go and buy actual heroin off the street, as a substitute, to get through that day.

Sunday night, he had made exactly 94 dollars ("The Lord works in strange ways," he had said) which he used Monday morning, depleting all his cash, but paying himself up for the week.

He told his caseworker Friday morning about how he had overslept and missed Thursdays appointment. She blocked her ears, he said, when he hinted at how he had gotten through the day by adding: "Just don't piss test me..."

Johnny and I are in constant phone contact. He calls me at the Lilly pad at about the time he is thinking of knocking off; and is always willing to play an additional hour, or to just hang out for an additional hour (or two) should I desire to play longer myself.

He calls me from the store down the street, asking if I want him to pick up anything, and has bailed me out with a cigarette here and there when I hadn't any.

He also said that he is going to give me a couple of cables to go with the amplifier, as well as a microphone stand, before he leaves for New York. Plus, he has already given me the book of Beatles scores (an $85.00 value).

I am about to tell him that he is welcome to stay past the 10 day limit imposed by the apartment complex, "until they notice and someone say's something.."

We have jammed together a few times in the mornings, and sound great doing Beatles and R.E.M. songs, etc. and I am playing and singing better just from having his influence around.

Tim, my caseworker has met him, and the security staff at the front door all seem to be charmed by him. 

Tim said that the only penalty, should the powers that be catch him staying past 10 days, is that he would be banned for the next 30 days from staying here. This really wouldn't be a problem, as he will not return from New York for at least 30 days.

By then, I might be playing at his spot; amplified, and making close to the money that he does.
He had said that he breaks 100 dollars almost nightly, and that 70 dollars has been his lowest take, when he has been able to play the whole 5 hours from 7:30 until after midnight, weather permitting..

One of my short term goals is to set up the Snowball microphone on the coffee table in the living room and capture the two of us jamming out on a few songs.

I'll also snap at least one picture of him using my laptop camera; maybe with both of us sitting on the couch with our guitars; like the first Crosby Stills and Nash album cover...

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Alex said...

The computer room sounds like total win.

Your pet skeezer seems to be on its best behavior so far, but that's probably only to build up to a bigger blowup.

I have seen this before, tried helping out a guy I knew, good guitar player by the way, decades ago... Its kind of like taking a cute raccoon into your hous, what could go wrong?