Monday, April 20, 2015

The Mollification Of Lilly

I have prepared myself to go into the quarter and play at the Lilly Pad.
Johnny B. has already left, to go and set up across from the Hotel Monteleone, where I first encountered him more than 2 years ago, and when I had dubbed him "The Clean Guy."
And that reminds me.....
Excerpt From January, 2012: 

The Shaman Guy, But First, The Clean Guy
I left the library and walked a common path, towards the Quarter and its The Unique Grocery store.
I saw the clean guy, John B

It is funny when I think of my first encounters with Johnny B. when I dubbed him "the clean guy."
He got a kick out of that phrase when I told him about it the other night.
He has been crashing at my place for an entire week now.

We jammed last night at the Lilly Pad, and split 48 dollars after an hour and 40 minutes of playing.

First Photos Of Johnny B.

It's almost 8 PM on this Monday, and I prepare to go to the Lilly Pad to play.,
I will be joined there by Johnny B., who has seemed to take a liking to the spot after I almost drug him there a couple nights ago.

That night, he had been told by the Hotel Monteleone security guy to knock off at midnight, after he had made a little over 100 dollars, but was trying to get more.

That night, we had played for about a half hour and split $35.50 at the Lilly Pad.

That half hour started at about 1:15 PM.

Johnny wants to see what he will make this evening at the hotel, and then when Royal Street dies down around 11 PM, when just about every business is closed and the only traffic is of people returning to the hotel (and skeezers; always skeezers) he will join me at the Lilly Pad, where I think he was pleasantly surprised to discover; is just picking up at that hour and continues to be a good fishing hole until 4 AM for the resilient busker....

I think Johnny is also curious about how much I will have made by the time he shows up; and if the tipping will go into overdrive after the addition of himself.

The tipping usually does pick up after midnight at the Lilly Pad, and Johnny could interpret this to be a result of him having become added to the mix. But, we sound very good together, in my opinion.

Lilly was beside herself with joy and glowing to see Johnny Saturday night, after having recognized him as being the clean guy that plays across from Hotel Monteleone. Lilly told him that she loved his singing voice.

It also seemed to mollify Lilly, who has shown a concern for me and my well-being and who was one of the most outspoken in advising me to get the hell away from Leslie Thompson when I was crashing at his place. She has a mothers instinct in that regard, perhaps; but was also a longtime resident of the Quarter, as is Leslie.

I think Leslie was happy to see me jamming with Johnny B., as it might seem like a harbinger of myself "cleaning up my act," and surrounding myself with a better pedigree.

Lilly wrung her hands at one point in the middle of complementing Johnny, and looked at his amplifier and microphone, and with an expression as if she was groping for the right words, started to say "The only thing is..."

But I jumped in and assured her that the amp and mic were only going to be used to add ambiance and bit of reverberation, and that the overall volume was not going to be much louder than just myself singing and playing.

Well, I had better get out there, it is 8 PM, and I want to have made a little chunk of money at such a time that Johnny might arrive to join me.

Just so he doesn't think that he is taking a pay cut by splitting "our" tips in half.


Alex said...

Wait a minute, you pet skeezer is the so called clean guy, who you once described as looking like a pilot, or an astronaut? Well, that's a change! Although the new information that he's addicted to heroin kind of explains why he'd hook up with a skeezomatic like yourself! At least he sounds like he does things like... Sing in tune... Maybe not stink to high heaven.... So yeah it might influence you for the better.

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