Monday, May 4, 2015

A Day Filled With Uncertainty

I am sitting in my Sacred Heart apartment, on this Monday afternoon; as the sun is going down; and it is the day after my moms birthday.

Another installment of which has gone by without myself having arranged to have sent anything by mail which would have arrived in time for the occasion.

I defaulted to the telephone call, was directed to the voice mail; where I recorded my birthday wishes.

I also promised that, when I ran into Tanya and Dorise; I would ask them to play "Happy Birthday," and I would sing along with them upon it; as I had done 2 years ago (last year, moms birthday fell on a day that T&D weren't out).

That being said; I drank my rum and walked in to the quarter and milled about the Unique Grocery; procrastinating upon heading out to play. I think this is a held over behavior which has its roots in myself not having wanted to get out of bed as, say, an 8 year old; faced with getting out from under the warm blankets, bracing myself against the cold and embarking upon a day filled with uncertainty.

I wound up meandering my way down Royal Street, and though I passed Tanya and Dorise, the hour was such that, in the east coast time zone it was past my moms bedtime; and so I went on to the Lilly spot where, once again I had a slow start, but yet persevered after the first slow hour, and had at least one group of people drop 30 dollars to the tiposaurus after I had played, and we all had sung, I forget the song.

I have been featuring "Hide Your Love Away," by The Beatles, lately, as it is the newest song in my repertoire which is expanding at a snails pace. I have the entire book of Beatles scores now, and I should be adding Beatles songs by the score to my list of songs in the near future.

The reason we teach our kids about the presidents is so that when they are handed money they will know that it is not from some foreign country.

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