Monday, May 4, 2015

I Just Went Out

I just went out and played, this Sunday night, not having gotten to the Lilly Pad earlier than 10:30 PM,. and I played, after having fortified myself with even more drink; and there were groups of people that came along; and I thought I was playing well, and they tipped me and I saw 10 and 20 dollar bills going to the tiposaurus; and, beyond that, it is pretty much a blur.
I can get so shitfaced that I don't even remember the events of the past evening; but when I unpack my stuff, there is money and booze and weed in my pack; which I don't know the origins of, but I am thankful for; and that is where it stands.
I know that I could be making a whole lot more sober; but the tradeoff is minimal.

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