Friday, May 8, 2015

Hey, That's My Jacket!

It is Friday afternoon.
Banana Republic

I had just finished about a 2,000 word post a few minutes ago when the power went out for about one second (long enough to lose the whole thing) and then came back on.
It was as if the building were saying: "That's a very nice, well thought out and interesting post...I'll take that; thank you..."
Now I don't really have time to re-write it, as there is about one hour left of daylight; it is Friday night; I'm on the second day of a semi-juice fast which has me feeling better physically.
I have still been drinking in the evenings; but am drinking hard cider, which is made from the very same apple of which juice I have been drinking heavily.
I have had a few decent nights (40, 30 and 20 dollars each) but have been drinking and left each one feeling that I could have made more money if I had made better decisions; hadn't had to run to the restroom every 45 minutes; and had stayed out longer, rather than staggering off drunk a little after midnight, and had not spent 5 or 6 bucks on drink that night.

Wednesday night, I ran into Billy Willougby.
Billy, the way I depicted him in the previous post; after he had asked if he could share my cigarette; and then casually asked me a bit later if I was interested in buying any of the pills which he had had prescribed to him, due the the "hepatitis," which he was laboring under.
It turned out that it was not the contagious type; but not before I had lampooned ol' Billy with the cartoon to the left..... 

In my own mind, he was kind of always "silly" Billy Willoughby.
This was abetted by the fact that Billy wears a grin just about all of the time.
He walks around grinning.
It's a facial "tick" for lack of a better expression (excuse the pun).
By virtue of his always being grinning; a certain implied mirth (at least in my mind) is given to every utterance from him; and well, it just seems like he is kind of joking around all the time -the permanent grin, and all....

Silly Billy Willoughby told me that he had been denied a Unity apartment where I live, due to a 20+ year old armed robbery charge.
"You don't seem like the type..."
"I was young and stupid."
I felt fortunate that, even though I was once that young, I wasn't that stupid.
Billy showed me a large box of clothing which had been set outside of a doorway by someone whom he said had been evicted.
I stuffed my backpack with a nice Banana Republic® black leather jacket, another heavier American Rag Cie® black jacket, a front-zipping Kenneth Cole Reaction® sweater, and a shiny black pair of Nunn Bush black shoes.
These are "winter" clothes here (spring and fall up north) and I was definitely thinking of the future, say November, as I sweated in my tanktop on an 80 degree night to stuff them in my bag.
American Rag Cie
One of the benefits of not having to carry all my possessions on my back is having room for such booty.
And, November will be here "before you know it," as the expression goes.
I felt bad for Billy, who is still homeless, compared to myself, who not only has an apartment, but now has a closet full of expensive winter clothes.
But, if, when you feel bad because you are doing poorly it is of some consolation to think that there are others who are worse off than you; then the converse might be that when you feel bad (guilty) because you are doing  "so" well; you might just dwell upon those people who are doing better than you; in order that you might feel better.
Billy has his own karma to work out; meanwhile, I will be stepping out in style this fall; and on chilly summer nights.
There was a little 4 gig data stick in the pocket of one of the jackets which has a few files on it.
I may try to identify the owner of the clothes through it; and maybe at least give him a call. "I've got your jackets and sweater and shoes; is that cool?"
Better that, than to be walking in the Quarter some night and hear: "Hey, that's my jacket! What the f***?!?" from someone, and have only "Well, Billy Willoughby (the armed robber) said I could have them," as a rejoinder.

Kenneth Cole Reaction
The models are almost as indistinguishable from each other as the clothing....

I would like to thank Google, the search engine people for providing me with a means to find all 3 of the pieces of clothing that I grabbed from the box pointed out to me by Billy Willoughby*.

The strangest thing was that I only "Googled" Billy + Box of clothes, and, BAM! there were the 3 photos that I have posted here; in less than a second!
The 3 items that I have gotten; in a size only 1 up from mine.

*Billy Willoughby; has been referred to before in this blog.
And, yes; "How could his parents ever have given him that name?" came up as  a topic.
Even the proper form of: William Willoughby has holes in it -the repetition of the "will" syllable; and the fact that both the first and last names have 3 syllables work against it.
When a last name has many syllables, the first name needs to just make itself known (in one syllable).
Like Bo Willoughby, or Lou Willoughby.
Maybe Hank Willoughby.
All solid.
But, the multisyllabic ones like: Barnaby Willoughby, or Arsenio Willoughby...
Well, you can see where a last name with a lot of syllables is probably better off with a one syllable name before it,.
Give a kid the wrong first name, and he might grow up to be an armed robber. 

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