Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Now Jay

And now Jay, the really loud singer wants to crash at my place for 10? days.
Terms have not been discussed.....

Typical second day of juice fast.

I am on my second day of a juice fast, and, as with previous attempts; I had very little desire to go out and busk last (Monday) night.

I had been depressed in the morning; waking up with very little money; but with very little to spend money upon.
Sunday night was a very dismal busking night, but being drunk and sloppy didn't help matters.

I am having the typical insomnia at the start of this second day without drinking; having sat up and worked on a crossword puzzle for a couple hours, after having soaked in the tub for about an hour; after having downloaded a bunch of music to listen to while soaking in the tub; at one of the computers in the Sacred Heart Apartments computer room.

Some resident has been very busy downloading a lot of music and burning it onto the hard drive on computer #1.

I had just been thinking the past few days that I needed to try to find stuff by Prince (or the artist formerly known as Prince) and, there was about 10 hours of his music, which I copied to my data stick and then took back to my room to transfer to the laptop. I also got a lot of other black artists music; the Jacksons, Michael and Janet, Temptations, Albert Collins, and "ghetto classics" galore.

Here I am "live" (above). Overrated...

I don't feel too bad about going out to play tonight, but, I haven't slept yet, and my attitude may change after sleeping and having depressing dreams, as I did last night.

I think the ceilings are so high at the Sacred Heart Apartments to discourage residents from hanging themselves. By the time you go and find a ladder and then come back with it; you may have changed your mind.

I would like to watch some of the last episodes of Late Night With David Letterman, but they take place right during the prime time for busking. I might just have to watch them later from some archive. Watching things "live" is over-rated...the show is pre-recorded, anyways....



Alex said...

People are not commenting here because they have to solve one of those puzzle things and its a pain in the ass.

Daniel McKenna said...

Yeah, unless you are "signed in" with a Google account, or something; you have to prove you aren't a robot.
I've gotten some comments from robots...always something like "I very much enjoyed reading your blog;" and then a link to some product for sale..

alex carter said...

Jeez ... I'm not blogging at present since I don't see the point, and I forgot, signing in makes a difference.

Turns out almost all of those captchas are Google trying to make sense of house addresses photo'd when the evil Google Maps car goes by.