Sunday, May 31, 2015

The First Step

I Drink Moderately
On what would be the 18th day without drinking, I bought a 200ml bottle of tequila at Wal-Mart in celebration of having acquired the speakers for my laptop.
The speakers are very nice and have a very sweet range at a healthy volume where there is a full range of sound without distortion.
Plus, they have the ability to be cranked to room filling volume, albeit with a lot of crappy distortion, but they can blare.
The tequila seemed to do almost nothing to me, upon my 18th day of a juice fast.
My impulse to buy more, as I made my way to the Lilly Spot, I was able to shunt by telling myself, or asking: "Why do I want to spend money to have more of what I have already, which is no feelings of euphoria, and rather just a slight feeling of loss of inhibition, bordering on erosion of motor skills?"
I played my way out of the funk; and an hour later, I had sobered up at the Lilly Pad, and was playing fine...that was the 42 dollar night; a few fives, and one ten by a young guy who said: "You are awesome."
I need to now try to capture my present sound by recording it; perhaps set up my mic and just busk into it; placing the mic for the best balance of guitar and vocal and harp -certainly would be the fastest way to knock it out...3 minutes to record a 3 minute song...
Yesterday (Saturday) was what turned out to be an attempt to relive Friday; with the exception of arriving too late at the notary service next to Wal-Mart.
I woke at 2 PM, and it took me 4 hours to make it to the notary place. It's amazing how long it takes to sit at the edge of the bed, close your eyes and take a deep breath and contemplate the questions of the day; then make and drink some green tea, and then look at the clock to see that over an hour has transpired.
After having had the 42 dollar Friday night, and amount which almost completely replaced what I had spent on the speakers before going out to play; I was poised to go after the juicer, after I paid the 10 bucks to the notary guy.
That left me 54 bucks; but, the juicer that I had my eye on was sold out and they refused to sell me the one on display.
I repeated Friday insofar as my movements, but I made it to the Lilly Pad earlier, played from almost 10 PM until almost 1:30, and made 25 bucks; but got a lot of complements about my harmonica playing/guitar playing "that's, a really good combination," said one guy.

And so, it is Sunday. It has rained a lot of the day; I went to the Family Dollar and got some potting soil, a half gallon of grape juice, and some cat food.

The cat food is for some wild cats that live under an abandoned and boarded up house which has been raised off the ground a couple of feet upon cinder blocks, leaving plenty of cat space.

I have it in the back of my mind that I might entice one of the cats to become my house pet; the food is the first step...

"'Til next time, blog readers!!"

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