Tuesday, June 2, 2015

No Time To Post

Someone stole my flash drive out of a computer in the computer room here at Sacred Heart Apartments.
It wouldn't have been there if I hadn't stepped outside just before 8 PM to have a cigarette, during which time the door automatically locked; locking my flash drive in the room, which wouldn't automatically unlock until 6 PM.
Already sold for narcotics....
Then, if I hadn't stayed up drinking rum and orange juice until passing out at 4 AM, I still could have gotten the thing when the room opened.
My blog backups, pictures (mostly of myself) and some stuff that I was planning to read, about water fasting and yoga and things will probably be over-written with Huey P. Newton videos.
That's life.
I will need a new (5th one now) jump drive, now.
After going to the Job1 place and giving them the letter, which I had paid 10 bucks to have notarized, and becoming exempt from the "mandatory registration" in the program, I went next door and found a juicer.
It was about a 35 dollar job, and was marked "$14.99."
I snapped it up and brought it home, where I now wait for food money on my card, so that I can start juicing carrots and apples and kale and cabbage et. al.
Now I half expect that the lady who runs the job class will never get the memo stating that I am exempt and will report me as AWOL and they will cut my food money off, and it will take me about 5 weeks, and probably having an additional letter notarized, in order to have them turned back on.
I am going out to busk for produce money.
Next on my shopping list, after a jump drive, might be a set of weights, at least dumbells...

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