Monday, June 22, 2015

Casaba Day

In the aftermath of the 209 dollar day; which was such a disappointment in its falling short of my record night of 213 dollars; I went and bought some dirt.
I bought some brandy; and then bought some good potting soil; mostly for the purple plant which is prospering so well in the little bit of dirt that I had situated it, rather hastily, in; that I have decided to give it a big pot with a lot of dirt.
I plan to stay in and record music tonight; try to take my mind off of the 400 pound black guy whom is there every time I turn around, it seems...
I ate a lot of yucca root last night; baked.

1 comment:

Alex said...

Man that guy is huge!

Too bad Harmonicas are such a pain in the ass with regards to breaking.

Slide guitar is good and easy as shit, you ever considered playing some slide? Just get a deep Craftsman socket that fits your finger, that's how we did it as kids.