Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Yucca Root Day

My stalker is kind of hard to miss...
As I sit here on this early Monday morning, after having gone out and played, but having started late, around 11 PM, and having made 10 dollars to help defray the cost of the day; I think about the little bit of good bud that I have; the whole chicken in the microwave (on the defrost setting) and the little bit of whiskey that I have; and the leftover money from Saturday night, and things are not that bad.
$209 Saturday
Saturday night, I went out with my 2 day old harmonica and I played and I got buzzed and, at one point a guy sat next to me and listened for a while, at one point saying something to the effect that he was going to remunerate me for my service; and not to worry about that; and then proceeded to lay a 100 dollar bill upon the tiposaurus sign.
I stashed the thing in my backpack, making the casual comment to him: "...Don't want to keep this in plain view," and at the same time thinking about how phony the latest inception of the 100 dollar bill looks, and half expecting to dig the thing out of the bag when I got home to discover that it is one of those "fake 100 dollar bill" ads for a credit repair website, or something.
I got back at the music; and was only playing a little bit more inspired, at the thought that I might have a 100 dollar bill; when, about 20 minutes later, a young black guy laid another 100 dollar bill on top of what turned out to be only 9 bucks in my tiposaurus' jar.
It was a strange way to make 209 dollars, on what could have been just an 11 dollar night, minus a few zeros on a couple bills...
The analogy that comes to mind is the golfer who knocks the ball in the hole from 175 yards away with a 6 iron; just to save par. A strange way to make par....

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alex carter said...

Is that the computer room in your building? Because it's nice!

Nice score on the two hundys.