Wednesday, June 17, 2015

It Pays To Just Show Up

16 Dollar Tuesday
Last night, time got away from me; and it was almost 10 PM as I began to walk (to save the $1.25 on the trolley) to the Quarter; getting about a half mile away when something told me to check to see that my guitar pick was in my case. It wasn't.
After going back to get it; and then stopping at The Big Easy Market for a half pint of vodka and an Arizona Energy drink to pour it in; it was just about 11 PM when I sat down to play.

Along the way, I was kind of depressed over the prospect of playing the same old songs again.
Being a drinker again has sapped the extra energy which used to go into learning at least one new song per day to feature at night.

A lot of times that was as simple as opening the Beatles complete book and finding the one missing chord to a song that I otherwise knew. "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds," being an example.

The good news is that my solar powered spotlight floods me with a nice 5 foot in diameter circle of light.

And, I somehow made 16 bucks by playing for just one hour, starting at 11 o'clock.

Now, it is a day later and I am just barely in a better position, about to leave at 8 PM, to make the same walk...I could spend all my money on a new harmonica and have a good chance to recoup that money in the same night, but that would entail walking all the way to the music store (an extra mile round trip) without any vodka to fortify me along the way....

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