Sunday, June 14, 2015

It's 6 In The Morning

and I have never been in this computer room at the Sacred Heart Apartments this early in the morning;
But, I played that late last night, missed the last trolley to my place, and hung out with people whom I don't recall the identities of now, such was the incline of our partying.
Despite not being sober, a state in which I had commonly decided to extend my playing time into the wee hours in the morning, producing usually a boon in money; I played until about 1 AM this (Sunday) morning, and then took a break, and during the break asked myself if  after a break I would be ready to play some more, since there were swarms of people and since I had just knocked off out of fatigue, which could be cured by a short break...
I went out and played again from 1:30 AM until, hell almos 4 and I had so much money flowing that I just was stuffing it in my bag out of sight.
Now I am home and the computer room is already open for the morning, it being after 6 AM;
I am going to go and cook and eat everything in sight.
I miss Karrie a lot, lately; especially when I am in the Spanish store, Ideal Market, I miss her a lot.
She has her own Unity housing unit now, and I haven't seen her....


alex carter said...

If Karrie's living in the same apartment complex, why not just go see her? Has she got another boyfriend now?

Daniel McKenna said...

Karrie is in another Unity location; which I might be able to get from my caseworker, or it might be classified (if it is the unit for "battered" women, or where women go to escape their pimps)
If I started going to the library again; I might find her;
the irony is that we are most likely to get back together if she starts drinking again; and then I would run into her stumbling along Bourbon some night and be able to invite her to my place for a nightcap...