Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Cycle

I have run myself to the bottom of the cycle, after having started to drink again, after the 18 day juice fast.
Eating whole chickens now; how the mighty have fallen...
At first, of course, I had so much reserve energy that I was performing well; but then, the gigs became shorter; and then finally, a few nights were taken off because it was sprinkling lightly outside and I was already about halfway through a pint of liquor, and so now I have spent all my extra money and will go out sober and play.
Then, I will probably start the tedious discussion of "1 day sober," "2 days sober," etc. but will be blogging more and making more sense, albeit while sounding like the Boy Who Cries Wolf.
"Come see me after you've got about 3 weeks sober in," said Johnny B. once, while complaining that he just couldn't work with a drunk. Not many heroin addicts can, perhaps...

The past few stretches of sobriety have run 18, 17 and 12 days; with the 26 day one a distant memory.

However, the juicer has had a positive effect upon me; and I really do feel healthier when I drink fresh juice and get fresh air and exercise.

I just need to convince myself of that.

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