Monday, June 29, 2015

Snark Hunting

It is Monday afternoon, and I need to go into the Quarter and find David the waterjug player, to see if he has my Snark tuner, which I left last night on the sidewalk next to him in my haste to catch a trolley that had kind of snuck up on us.

I had tuned Davids guitar for him -the blue one which originated with Bilal, the gallery curator (above) -and had remembered to remove the tuner from it after I did so, but did not put it back on my own guitar before the trolley was sighted and I grabbed my stuff (minus the Snark) and ran to catch it.
I think that David the waterjug player would return the tuner to me and not try to sell; had he noticed it sitting on the ground after I ran off...
Although, I had gotten the Snark free, from Dorise Blackmon, I had also given David his guitar free; via Bilal.
If worse comes to worse, I will cough up 11 bucks for another one tomorrow; the things are very useful in noisy environments...

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  1. I'd send you my Snark but I like it too much!

    A few days ago I scored a 1959 Conn cornet for $100, hadda spend another $60 in a normal mouthpiece for it because the one with it is a collectible "screamer" model. I'll save that for much later!

    Basically a scarily well made horn for the cost of a year's supply of strings. Now I can turn the rental trumpet in ...

    Trumpet gets huge points because everyone knows its hard (it is) and everyone regrets not staying in Band. I'd totally suggest you take it up, but you'd be better off getting a sax. Don't even mess with a clarinet because the fingering is weird. Sax is wayyy easier than trumpet and you'll be playing a big brass thing that people adore. I'd be better off playing a sax myself, frankly, but I've put enough time into trumpet that the investment is paying off.


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