Thursday, July 2, 2015

Cabbage Overdose?

Time Woes
It is just about 7:30 PM, a half hour before the computer room here closes.
I, once again overslept, and was too late to attempt to get to Music Express, on Magazine Street, in order to buy a new Snark tuner for 11 bucks.
It seems like I have been running late, lately -since I started back drinking, as a matter of fact.
I haven't been practicing much new music, recording much, reading much nor blogging much.
Snark Hunting
I got into the Quarter Tuesday night right around sundown, but couldn't find David the water jug player, who is now David the blue guitar player.
The Unique Grocery people said that they had seen him "about an hour ago."
David is like certain snakes; the ones that live their entire lives within something like a 100 square foot area around where they are born.
If David is not at the trolley stop where he sleeps, with a jacket thrown over him, for privacy, to shield him from sunlight or for warmth; then he is usually at one of three other places; and I was mildly vexed to not have found him at any of them.
I was hoping he had picked the tuner off the ground, and would have it.
I waited around, using up valuable busking time, until he appeared, coming from a direction which is unusual for him, but headed towards The Unique Grocery, which IS usual for him.
He didn't have the Snark tuner. It had been dark, he had been drunk and "I'm pretty blind, you know that..."
Had I been mistrustful of him, I might have thought that he had been coming from that strange direction after running the errand of selling it to someone. But, David is one of the more honest street people out there. His "religion" is Rastafarian, but at least he has one...
Music Express has Snarks for 11 dollars, plus tax.
I have about 55 bucks left of the 260 or so which I had a couple weeks ago after having gotten two 100 dollar bills as tips, within the same hour. I had just begun drinking again at that point, and my playing skills were still pretty sharp after the 18 days of sobriety.
If The Louisiana Music Factory carries Snarks, then they can't be much more than the 11 bucks that "the other guys" charge.
I will look up their number and call them along my way to the store for cigarettes, alcohol, spring water, skin lotion and perhaps some cucumbers and tomatoes to (wash well and then) juice.
I have been feeling pretty gnarly the past couple days after having juiced a whole head of cabbage to go along with carrots and a few random vegetables.
It crossed my mind that, along with the chore of breaking down the juicer and cleaning it after every use; I now must pay attention to washing off the fruits and vegetables first, and to making sure that the counter top that I slice them up upon is clean. Hasn't e-coli bacteria been found on lettuce before?
That would be a great irony; man dies after drinking a "nice healthy glass of fresh vegetable juice" because he didn't wash off his tomatoes.
It also crossed my mind that the human body might be a bit intolerant of eating a whole head of cabbage. Some things are good for you in small doses.

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