Friday, July 3, 2015

Time To Run

Head For The Hills!
I have to make a beeline to the Louisiana Music Factory music store for a new harmonica.
Their summer hours have them closing at 8 PM, rather than 10 PM.
I have too many blown out notes on my current harmonica.
They sell Snark tuners there, but they are almost 20 bucks.
All hell seems to be breaking loose, as I broke 3 strings last night, playing along with the decrepit harmonica, and we are entering the slow season, when music stores cut back their hours and musicians like Tanya and Dorise head for the hills (of China, perhaps).


  1. I can easily see Tanya and dorise heading for boulder Colorado, the SF bay area where I am, hell a lot of places that are not miserable in the summer. Or maybe they take a break from raking in the dough and relax, visit family etc.

    This might be a good time for you to concentrate on producing a CD. Just put a colorful cover on it and price it at five bucks.

  2. Yeah, the CD is something that is like growing in my "womb" I am getting ready to deliver myself of it; but it may come out a bit stunted, due to the fact that I have consumed alcohol and marijuana during my pregnancy.
    I think that, when I have the "colorful cover" done, that will be a sign that it is ready to be released;
    the "problem" (and I bet a lot of musicians wish they had this problem) is that I am improving upon the material that might go on the disc at such an exponential rate; by working on them out in the field after requests to "play something of your own," which is a ripe environment for improving a song spontaneously (the 20 dollar bill that they are holding out; and considering throwing, based upon the next verse, maybe being a catalyst) that, I listen to tracks that I laid down 3 months ago and think: I could blow that away that it seems to be "back to the drawing board" for every song that I am considering including on the disc.
    Dorise seems to have taken heed to my advise for them to record a live CD ((by placing the microphones 6 inches from their amps (that can be heard 3 blocks away) and reducing the sensitivity accordingly, so that even the drunkensest skeezer yelling "Asian pussy rocks!!" or something, at the top of his/her lungs would only be a faint background noise)) but, at this point I don't have the electronics to split my signal into individual tracks so that I could record live and then use just the guitar or just the harmonica and overdub the rest in the "studio."
    Tanya and Dorise could just about blow into any town and blow back out with $2,000; but why would they do that anywhere else when they do it right here; unless they are trying to spread their love to people who otherwise would never hear them; perhaps because they just don't "do" New Orleans.
    I wouldn't be surprised if Tanya hasn't been providing venture capital, in American dollars, to family and friends in her home village in Taiwan, so that, when she visits she is treated like a queen, because she owns half the town...
    But, then again, I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't go there for fear that they might bind her feet....

  3. Sometimes people just like a change, even Doreen the clarinet queen comes out here to the bay area.

  4. In Doreen's case it is purely related to the weather; I don't think she can blow the clarinet in the 90 degree and humid weather here (a touch of asthma? Too much greasy cajun food? I don't know.
    They go to places like Idaho (I kid you not) in the summer.


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