Saturday, July 25, 2015

At Least I Have My Health

15 Dollar Friday
After having gotten a late start (1:15 AM) I was able to make 15 bucks in the next hour and a half.
I started with 2 dollars in my case.
I had been on my way to the Lilly Pad, and could have gotten there by 10 PM, but I ran into Brian Hudson, who is soon to embark upon a journey to Colombia, and who invited me to chill at his place for a while, sipping wine and smoking.
I woke up late this morning; in fact it was 6 PM in the evening and already getting dark outside, and I hadn't put my solar light out to charge after I had come home at almost 4 AM. This was a tactical error.
I just bought the last fish off of my food stamp card, leaving a balance of 14 cents for the next 11 days.
I am truly in the position of playing music for food.
I now go to bake the fish and finish the bottle of red wine that I have, while smoking cigarettes, and then will spend myself down to about nothing for the trolley ride into the Quarter.
Oh well.

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