Friday, July 24, 2015

Wonton Spending

26 Dollar Thursday
Yesterday, I borrowed 5 bucks from Howard, before beginning my walk towards the Quarter.
I didn't use the 5 bucks to take the trolley; I used it to buy a lighter and a cheap bottle of wine.
I got to the Lilly Pad a bit after nine, and had only made 16 bucks three hours later.
I walked away from my spot to take a leak the French Quarter way (between two cars) at one point, the pedestrian traffic being so light that I was able to leave my guitar and my backpack and my tip jar with the 16 dollars in it sitting there under the spotlight and walk about 50 feet away from it without having to worry about anybody running off with anything.
A young lady came walking past and was looking curiously at my stuff, sitting there abandoned, as I returned to it.
"You can have it all; I quit!" I said.
"You're quitting for the night?" she asked.
"No, I'm quitting music, I give up!"
"Well, because I thought I was playing pretty well tonight, but it looks like I only made my trolley fare and maybe a beer."
She began to fish in her purse which spurred me to hold up my hand in the "halt" gesture, and quickly add: "I'm not begging for money!"
"That's OK, I walk past you every night and you always sound good. This is all the cash I have, I think it's ten dollars," she said, and handed it to me.
"Maybe I won't quit just yet," I said, and then played one more song before knocking off around 12:45 AM.
I went to Rouses Market and spent about 5 bucks on some catfish nuggets and a beer.
Then, I walked to the Unique Grocery, where I spent about 10 bucks on cigarettes and a bottle of sangria, and then I walked the 2 miles home, sipping on the sangria.
I baked the catfish and ate it; washing it down with the juice of carrots and cabbage with a splash of jalapeno pepper and ginger, and then finished the sangria while watching a movie called Point Break, on my laptop.
I woke up slightly hung over and with 10 dollars and an empty sangria bottle on my coffee table, lamenting the fact that I wasn't going to pay Howard back just yet, as I had hoped to. It would bode well for me, if I ever have to borrow money from him again if I were to pay him back promptly.
I really didn't need that last bottle of sangria, which was about 5 bucks....

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