Friday, August 21, 2015

3 Days Sober
Here I go with the 5th attempt in the last year to quit drinking.
According to my records, I went 6 days last October, then 8 days in January, then 26 days, March into April, and then 18 days again in May.
I haven't been busking, I have been sitting at home drinking apple juice (and now just distilled water) and catching up on things like cleaning the apartment, and reorganizing my hard drive; going through the 2,000 hours of music on it and deleting the garbage (Wilco, The Decemberists, The Replacements, etc.)
This blog should pick up; as I regain more mental energy; should I remain sober.


Wheely said...

Wait, the Replacements are garbage?

Daniel McKenna said...

I had an album which I believe is called "Let It Be," or some other duplicate of another bands album name.
It was all cover tunes, I believe, and, while there was a lot of energy in the music, it was out of tune, sloppily applied energy, and...I was in the kitchen when they randomly came on my laptop in the back room and I could only faintly hear it; and I thought it was one of my own drunken experiments, like a song that I was writing as I went along, and making mistakes; and I thought "Man, do I really sing that out of pitch?" but when I went back there, it was The Replacements; maybe that is their worst effort; but it really sounded like a garage band that the neighbors would call the police on after about 10 minutes...
That being said, I wasn't too impressed with The Clash's first album, along the same lines; even though Elvis Costello (my hero) credited it as being an "influence" upon him.